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redrum 09-30-2004 12:28 PM

might be joining the v6er crowd...
maybe even as early as tomorrow.

looking to buy a new 04v6 for a beater car, while my GT is under a tarp for the next few years :cry:

but yea... cant decide on a color. i like black, but my brother (bandit on LSS) has a black 2000 v6, and people will probably call me a copy-cat or whatever. plus, he has all the mods that i would like to do, appearance wise, so id definitely look like a copy-cat. i like that dark red color as well (of course, thats what my GT is :) ) is there any other cool colors out there i should consider? im wanting something mean...

V6STANG007 09-30-2004 12:43 PM

Who cares what other people think, go with what u like. if u like black, so be it. besides there is nothing wrong with copying your brother.
My fav color is silver.

Seph 09-30-2004 12:44 PM

Silver mustangs look slick, but dark blues are dangerous look'n with the blacks.

A black and blue mustang = awsome ;)

If my car was completely black I'd have blue ghost flames on it.

lowflyn 09-30-2004 12:50 PM

I think the sonic blue is a really really cool color ... that and the burnt orange if you don't mind the attention it attracts. Or Oxford White...or Zinc Yellow..but sonic blue is awesome...

oaktonarcher 09-30-2004 01:36 PM

DSG all the way, with the dark head lights and blacked mustang bumper inserts it looks sick. i almost bought one this summer but it slipped away :(

timpryor 09-30-2004 01:42 PM

:whistle: john DSG OwNz YoU

WhiteStang99 09-30-2004 02:32 PM

i vote for the sonic blue. I'd trade mine in in a heartbeat for one of those. But :shhh: don't tell her I said that! :)

NJStang86 09-30-2004 02:32 PM

DSG all the way!

redrum 09-30-2004 02:45 PM

what about the crimson red 40th anniv? the only thing i was thinkin with that is... it might be hard to find that color a few years down the road, maybe??

Dom 09-30-2004 03:20 PM

Bright Atlantic Blue. But they stopped producing that color in '99 I believe.

White will look good. With some white '95 Cobra Rs or some white '98 Cobras. And then the blue striping. :good:

bluemustang 09-30-2004 03:21 PM

Nah Ford will just charge you an arm and then a leg to match up that red if anything were to happen :)

Personally i LOVE the atlantic blue but im biased cause I had that color plus Im sure they dont produce that color since 01 so ah yeah go wit the black who cares then you and your bro can both be stunnaz in the black vee-sixxerz :woot:

timpryor 09-30-2004 03:25 PM

john from your choices i say get the red but i still think DSG all the way

STEVE 09-30-2004 04:45 PM

sonic blue

oaktonarcher 09-30-2004 06:54 PM

DSG damit

Thomas91169 09-30-2004 08:59 PM

i would get the white and put black headlights and tails on it and some black ghost flames with black deep dish bullitts with polished lip. then make your bro do the opposite, have him get white ghost flames with chrome bulitts.

dsg is alright its a little too dark for my liking.

the dark blue is a cool color(like sephs) i would go with some clearer headlights to offset the dark of the car.

a black would be sick i would make it "stealthy" with black headlights and tails, chrome cobra r's and a black widow kit, with borla side exhaust and side rocker combo.

dammit now all this talk and me with a non working car makes me sad. its kinda funny though, knowing that i still could smoke 90% of the cars out there as long as i didnt stop at a light at the end and embarass myself.

STEVE 09-30-2004 09:02 PM

i love the color of sephs car

timpryor 09-30-2004 09:32 PM

okay i know this sound weird but i dont like the sonic blue except on cobra verts w/black tops. DSG ownz you i have to say its a muscular color IMHO.

01mineralgrey6 09-30-2004 09:39 PM

Mineral Grey!!! :)
Im gonna buy a GT Vert about may/june, either Mineralgrey, sonic blue, or competition orange

timpryor 09-30-2004 09:45 PM


Originally Posted by 01mineralgrey6
Mineral Grey!!! :)
Im gonna buy a GT Vert about may/june, either Mineralgrey, sonic blue, or competition orange

i think he's looking into new cars and BTW are you talking a new vert ie 03-04 or older ?

01mineralgrey6 09-30-2004 09:46 PM

lookin in the 01-04 range

timpryor 09-30-2004 09:48 PM

oh ok

whipster24 10-01-2004 07:34 AM

mineral grey is my favorite!

A friend of mine just bought an 02 GT in that color. Fun thing is that it is turbo'd :D That car is sweet!

redrum 10-01-2004 08:29 AM

well, unless i can find a way to get a lower insurance rate, i wont be getting a newer mustang whatsoever.. :(

timpryor 10-01-2004 03:51 PM

put your dad as a primary driver and you on the lowest car to insure

Zim 10-01-2004 03:54 PM

if you were lookin to spend the money on an 04 v6, why not get ahold of the dude in the 4sale section thats sellin a 99+ yellow GT :thumbs2: itd probly cost less anyway

oaktonarcher 10-01-2004 05:18 PM

but the insurance would be a good bit higher.

Zim 10-01-2004 06:06 PM

bah... deal with it! just sell the 5.0 and work on a new GT

redrum 10-03-2004 11:55 AM


Originally Posted by timpryor
put your dad as a primary driver and you on the lowest car to insure

we own a 2004 sport trac, 2000 GT, and a late 90's early 2000's grand am GT, and my brothers 2000 v6. my sister is 16 so she needs to have the grand am as her primary, and yea.. all the other cars are hella high to insure...

ill be getting another fox body. was supposed to go get one today, but the guy is being a nazi. hopefully next weekend.

timpryor 10-03-2004 01:14 PM

that suxors, i guess i will still have the slowest car in LSS :( just wait 2 years and you will see

redrum 10-03-2004 05:46 PM


Originally Posted by timpryor
that suxors, i guess i will still have the slowest car in LSS :( just wait 2 years and you will see


funny. thats what i used to always say.

fast64 10-03-2004 05:51 PM

i wouldnt be upset about getting a fox instead of a v6....

01GTType 10-03-2004 06:18 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Redrum why dont you get one like this... hehe

01GTType 10-03-2004 06:24 PM

Or if you like 95's this guy has 20's on this one..

'95 Mustang GT 5.0 V8 auto trans 130,000 miles

Engine mods
-Ported and polished upper and lower intake from a Saleen
-Trick flow adapter
-70mm BBK throttel body
-MAC cold air intake
-MAC underdrive pulleys
-Hypertech chip
-MSD tfi blaster coil
-MSD cap and rotor
-MSD 8.5mm sparkplug wires
-Denso iridium spark plugs
-Ford racing a/c delete
-Ford racing smog pump delete -Optima yellow top battery

-UPR offroad x pipe
-two chamber flowmasters

-drop zone springs ( 2 inch drop)

-New carpet
-Tan leather seats
I have some stock parts that came off the the car so that will also be included.

The car is in good shape but has been in a wreck but does have a CLEAN TITTLE.

The motor runs good and feels strong, this was going to be a race car so it has no a/c or smog equipment. The transmission is going to need to be checked because the overdrive button does not work. ABS light also on so that has to be checked. I also noticed a power steering leak but I cant find where its coming from so that will need to be checked also.

The interior is clean, just put in new carpet and tan leather seats. The car has no airbags do to the wreck. It also dosent have a radio or speakers.

The body of the car also is in good shape but it does have its dents and scratches email me for detailed pictures. It will need a new windshield and all of the plastic parts that go under the fenders and front bumper cover.

The car is in Kansas City, Kansas 66102

If you would like to see more pics go to

Asking for $3000 firm

Any questions email me at

timpryor 10-03-2004 07:13 PM

john theres a '95 GT modded in LSS classifieds for like 4500

fast64 10-03-2004 07:40 PM


Originally Posted by 01GTType
Or if you like 95's this guy has 20's on this one..

If you would like to see more pics go to

thats some big ol' cobra r's right thurr

02:09 PM

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