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  1. Zebs5408
    02-15-2010 08:22 PM - permalink
    thought u disappeared lol, havent heard anything may need to post another request thread, i have been so busy with my restaurant i havent even been logging in everyday lol, i havent touched my mustang in almost a month, shes just been siting there broke, i can probably do an article on a vortech install or engine swap because im having to swap to a new 3.9 and im having to reinstall the vortech lol
  2. Zebs5408
    01-28-2010 08:00 AM - permalink
    well the feeling u have tells me we have alot in common, my finance says im like a child when i get a new part in! i love it u should have seen the day the supercharger came in lol! im gonna go ahead and post a thread asking for articles and ides with some pics!
  3. Zebs5408
    01-27-2010 09:47 PM - permalink
    real talk to walk that camaro theres no other way to go buy a 4.2 swap then twin turbo the 4.2! just get the 4.2 in first then will talk about twin turbo later. the email thing sounds do able but i wanna wait till u can get back up and running so u can down on this!
  4. Zebs5408
    01-27-2010 08:25 PM - permalink
    find anything else out?
  5. Zebs5408
    01-24-2010 05:33 PM - permalink
    lol well BRO i staRTED out the sameway! this place offers alot of info about everything u need/want to know! i would honeslty go with a 3.9 instead of a 4.2 if u know nothing and plan on DIY! the 4.2 is out of a 97 f150 or u can buy a 4.2 stroker kit for like $3,000! anyway a tune is also something im trying to uinderstand! u can squeeze ALLL your HP/TQ #'s out of your car if u fine tune it,. i have heard crazy storys of ppl pushing an extra 50-100 extra HP just buy fine tuning a turbo car! thats alot of number to be missing and when u pay big $$$$ u need it all lol! a tune downloads onto ur onboard ecu! an ecu is ur computer, u can tweak ur air to fuel ratio and all kinds stuff! the diablo i bought just WOKE UP the car it felt like! i love it
  6. Zebs5408
    01-24-2010 04:01 PM - permalink
    (PAGE 2) (READ ONE BELOW THIS FIRST)this forum is welcoming but like every mechanic shop theres a few mr KNOW IT ALLS around here and if ur a DUDE with a kitten default your an easy target lol, i got ur back though u seem to be eager to learn like i was! i respect that in anyone male or female! so what u gonna do? where u located and i can check the nearest spot on craigslist for u and tell u what should pick up! alot ppl in here are willing to help. sonicpony is one of the top thank users and a great guy to ask for help from! i can look up stuff on ebay for ya too, i wanna see this happen im telling u there is not greater feeling than blowing the doors off a car that cost 5k more than yours lol
  7. Zebs5408
    01-24-2010 03:57 PM - permalink
    it will drop right in! the 99-03 engine is the same size (3.8) as the engine u have now! the 04 model like i have is a 3.9 v6 which was just thrown together by ford with left over parts from windstar lol! anyway the 94-03 v6 are ALL 3.8s! BUTTT the 94-98 have different cylinder heads which make the car slower! Ford got smart in 99' and realized how to make it perform better on both v6-v8s! anyway if the engine is about to bust DO NOT put new heads on it just pick up a 99-04 v6 of craigsist! or u can get a 4.2 engine out a f150 and it will fit! those are cool lol! i was gonna do that but i decided to rebuild my 3.9 and i already have the mods and the Vortech for it and dont want to waste that money i already spent lol! DO NOT take this the wrong way but if u dont mind me asking are u male or female? u have a kitten as ur default and my fiance loves them so it kinda seems like a chick thng so if you are a DUDE I AM SO SORRYYY LOL!
  8. Zebs5408
    01-22-2010 08:36 PM - permalink
    well i hate to inform u but u do have the worst model mustang ford ever made far as performance goes! but thats what aftermarket performance parts are for lol! the v6s only have like 160 hp! not good at all! u have single port cylinder heads! u can switch to split port or do a swap from a 99-04 v6 that already has split port heads! the power difference is like 30hp! then we can do tunes, 373 geas + posi tract and that alone will have u out running GTs! so to start go split port heads from a 99-04 (or swap), then a diablo predator, then 373 gears and posi tract! prices vary on that stuff but please do hit me up if u need help, i love to watch ppl really take a bone stock car and make it in to something mean! good luck and God bless!
  9. Zebs5408
    01-21-2010 04:28 PM - permalink
    mustang community are indeed a special breed...espciallyy the sixers! were look down upon by the guys with 8 cylinders so we stick together more! whats funny is youll see after a few grand gt and mach 1s want stand a chance against you! i have beatm all from impalas to new mustangs GT! its all about money! what year is your msutang and i can tell you what direction to in
  10. Zebs5408
    01-15-2010 06:10 AM - permalink
    well bro welcome! if u need to know how to set anything up just ask, if your serious about moddingur car or just love to be educated or educate others about mustangs than your in the right spot! welcome man play around and setup ur avitar and sig so we can see what all u got, the thing in here is most of us put what mods we have in our siganiture spot so we can see what each other is workn with, save time on askn certain questions too when tryn to solve a problem!

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