1999-2000 Mustang Aftermarket CD Player Installation

Posted by on April 20, 2009 - one

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any damage to the factory equipment due to installing an aftermarket stereo in your Mustang. If you don’t know if it will work, ask a professional first. Also it should be noted that Ford changed the MACH head unit for the 01 model, it now uses a Double DIN unit. If you need an install how to for 2001-2004 you can find it here. Now on to the install.

You should have the aftermarket wiring harness, a Scosche one from Wally world works just as good as ordering one from a site. The picture above is what your wiring harness should look like. You should have one male 6 pin connector and one female 8 pin connector. The 6 pin connector is for your power/illumination/ground for your new head unit. The 8 pin in strictly for speakers.

A removal tool is required to take out the factory head unit. You can go to Auto Zone, Advance, or any other local parts store. They’re very cheap, I think 3 dollars, and they should look like the above picture. A cheaper way to do it is to take a wire hanger and cut appx. 6-8” from the bottom of it and bend it. Remember that you need two of them.

You’re also going to need either wire connectors or black electrical tape. A set of wire crimpers are quite handy too, unless you like using a cigarette lighter or your teeth.

While you’re preparing for the install, go ahead and connect your wiring harness with the plug that came with your aftermarket head unit. This makes things a lot easier later on.

Before you do anything inside your car, pop the hood and disconnect your negative terminal on your battery. If you don’t, you’ll pay for it later.

After disconnecting your terminal, move to the inside of your car and be prepared for the removal of the factory head unit. Mine took me about 15 minutes overall.

  • There should be two small holes on each side of your radio; this is where the U-shaped tool comes in handy.
  • When inserting the tool, only push until you hear a click. You don’t have to shove the tool all the way into the radio. As a matter of fact, if you do, it will make it harder on you when you try to remove it.
  • After you have all four prongs inserted into the radio, pull outward (towards your mirrors) and away from each other. This should disengage the homosexual anti-theft device that ford came up with. I used a coat hanger as seen above.
  • The last step is easy, pull out your factory head unit.

Remember that your deck is like a drawer in a chest, and it only slides one way. Don’t try to pull one side and then the other, pull the whole unit as one. It should slide out quite easy.

After you pull the head unit out, you’ll need to unplug four cables/wires from the back of it. This is what it should look like:

After unplugging the wires, which should take you a pretty good while, especially if you haven’t removed the deck before as they’re stuck in there pretty good, you’ll have a mess of wires protruding from the hole where your head unit used to be.

Now, since you’ve already got your wiring harness and plug for your new deck connected, plug up the 6 and 8 pin connectors to the wiring harness. I had a mess to deal with, as you can see from above. When connecting and/or running your RCA and Remote wire, there’s a hole beside of the cd player at the bottom that you can run them out of. After connecting the wiring harness and wires, check for any loose connections in your wiring. Now, before you slide your new head unit back into the empty slot, re-connect your battery terminal and make sure everything works because it’s really annoying to put the deck in and realize you’ve forgot something and have to take it back out. After making sure you didn’t cross wire anything by checking out the fade and balance, slide your new c.d. player in. Viola, there you have a new c.d. player.