2001-2004 Mustang Aftermarket CD Player Installation

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Replacing the factory CD player in your 2001-2004 Ford Mustang is a simple process and in my opinion the best addition to any car stereo as it provides more power to your speakers resulting in a cleaner sound. I give this install a three out of ten, just because it involves putting wires together and sometimes that’s just annoying.

What is needed for this install:

Your dash should look like this:

First thing you wanna do is pull off the shifter bezel. This is best accomplished by using your hands. If you will push outward slightly at these blue marks and pull towards you, the bezel will pull right off. If you have an automatic, you will need to put the car into neutral or lower to get the shifter bezel off. Simply turn your key to accessory setting, set the parking brake, and put the gear shift into neutral or lower.


Once you get it off, you will see one wire with connector. This is your accessory plug. As you will see in the next picture, you use something like a small screwdriver and push the little plastic pin inward and pull the wire out. It looks like this:

Ok, once you get that wire diconnected, put the shifter bezel off to the side out of the way so it will not get damaged.

The next thing you want to do is look at your center bezel (the part around the radio). This also just pops off. If you will, start at the bottom where the blue marks are, and pull outward and toward yourself. The bottom will pop out, next move to center. Push outward and toward yourself on these blue marks and the center will pop out. The last part is working the top out. Don’t be scared to be a little rough with it, it’s pretty hard to break. Here’s a pic of what you will be looking at:

The other pins are shown here, from the backside, to show where you need to be pulling at.

Once you have it off, you will see there are a few wires on the bottom holding it in place. You will disconnect these the same way you disconnected the accessory plug from the shifter bezel. Once these are removed, you can place the bezel somewhere out of the way to keep it from harm.

What you will see now is this:

If you look, at the bottom of the cd player, there are 2 bolts that hold the cd player in place. Take these two bolts out and the cd player will slide right out. Disconnect the two connectors on the back of the cd player. These are your speaker/power connector, and the antenna connector. Once these are disconnected, you can set the factory unit aside and start on the aftermarket unit.

Your aftermarket unit comes with a harness similar to your factory one. You also need one of the three wiring harnesses listed in the Introduction depending on what type of stock audio setup you have.

Once you wire the connector together, plug it into the factory harness, plug the other end into your new cd player. You basically match colors when wiring them up. I recommend you use electrical connectors which you can buy at a local autoparts store such as Advanced Auto Parts. Others have used just electrical tape to tie the wires together and have had no problems. (this may lead to a future short appearing in the wiring however and I would recommend using connectors. I use the blue crimp connectors when doing stereos, they’re not very expensive at all)

Here is where you will need the Installation Dash Kit noted in the introduction.

Once you get your install kit, take the sleeve off your new stereo. Put it in the hole in the kit, and use some sort of small screwdriver to bend the tabs over. This is what will hold your stereo in place. Using the two screws you removed from the bottom of your factory stereo, install your new install piece.

Connect your radio harness and antenna plug into the new radio, push it into the hole, and it will snap itself into place.

Your dash should now look similar to this:

Once here, put the dash back together in the opposite order of the steps listed above, making sure to connect all the wires to their proper places.

Now…sit back and enjoy your new stereo. Job well done.


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