How To Install A Hood Scoop On Your 99-04 Mustang

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If you own a V6 or GT from 1999-2004 and you do not have the hood scoop that ford offered from 2001 to 2004 then this is your lucky day. It is quite easy and inexpensive to pick up and install a hood scoop for your vehicle. The prerequisites for this are that you need to have the correct hood. All 1999-2004 GT Mustangs will have the correct hood, but in 2004 the V6’s hood was changed to the reverse hood that the 99 and 01 Cobra Mustangs had, and thus no 1999-2004 Cobra Mustang hood will work with a hood scoop. Once you determine if you have the correct hood you are ready to go… well nearly. There were two types of scoops made. The 1999 anniversary scoop is a little less wide and not as tall when compared to the 2001-2004 version. Either can be installed, but I personally would choose the 2001-2004 version as it attaches more securely.

The only issue you will run into is if you have a 1999-2000 hood. These are not pre-marked for holes. This does not mean that the scoop will not work, it just means that it wont be as easy to install. I am currently working on getting measurements for placement of the scoop. I will go over how to get around this in the installation steps, but you will need to obtain some measurements from a friend to locate the scoop on the hood correctly. You will need side measurements, front to back, and angled measurements. Then you can proceed. You can find these online and I will post them when I do… but please double check them for accuracy before you drill. Don’t fear drilling into your hood, its not that bad. If you take your time and prepare the items to prevent scratches or what not everything will work out fine.

So with all that out of the way lets get started

Step 1. Inspect the items, make sure the scoop has all bolts and you have washers and nuts that fit and will hold the scoop on. You will also need the following items.

  1. Painters tape or Paper tape
  2. Card board to make a template with, it should be a bit bigger than the base of the scoop. The box the scoop comes in works for this.
  3. A drill with drill bits. The size to drill is a size up from the size of the bolt. If the hole is the same size as the bolt you will have binding as the scoop will probably not sit flat. Drill it a little bigger.
  4. A center punch to mark where holes are to be drilled. This keeps the drill bit from sliding off and scratching the vehicle.
  5. A marker to outline the scoop location on the template
  6. Basic tools to tighten the nuts onto the hood scoop bolts
  7. Thread lock to ensure the bolts on the scoop do not come off
  8. A tape measure if you are installing the scoop on a 1999 or 2000 model hood

Step 2.
The first thing you need to do is take the hood lining from the underside of your hood off being careful not to mess it up, just easily pop off the push pins. Lay the lining on top of the engine to catch the mess when drilling so it doesn’t get on your engine.

Hood Mat Pictures

Step 3
You will notice at the back middle of the underside of your hood two silver circle indentations that are rather close together. If you flip the hood scoop upside down the back two bolts on the back of the hood scoop should line up in the middle of these holes. This is where the back two bolts go. If you have questions you can take a picture and I can confirm what I am talking about. Before you start handling the scoop it would be a very wise move to tape it up to protect the paint finish. You would be amazed at how easy it is to scratch while moving it around. Tape it up now to save yourself issues later.

Back Guide Holes

Step 4
You need to remove the guide pins on the hood scoop. There should be one at the front middle and the back middle. Cut them off (plastic not actual metal bolts, leave all bolts.. the guides are plastic). You can cut them off and smooth them off so they wont keep the scoop from sitting flat. The reason I cut them off as why drill another hole… its not needed. If you choose not to remove the guide pins you will have to include them in the template that we will make.

Guide Pins to Remove

Step 5
You need to make a template with card board. Get a single piece that the entire hood scoop will sit on with a little overlap for taping down (the box that the scoop comes in from Ford works good.) Sit the cardboard on a flat surface. Take the scoop and make sure its nice and flat, it is nice and centered on the card board, and the bolts are straight down not crooked. Push them into the card board gently to make indentations. Now push a little harder to pop holes though the card board. Make sure the scoop sits flat on the card board. You may can take out the front of the scoop cover so the scoop sits flat. Its been a while and I cant remember if you can do this when making the template. If you can note you will have to cut an area around this to manuver the scoop to sit flat. Either way finish up so you have a template with holes in the card board where the scoop will sit and the scoop is flush and the bolts are not binded or crooked, but straight through. You can use a pen to outline the scoop to keep an idea of where its at, mark front and back on it. The side angled bolts on the front grill are a pain. Just do the best here as no real template can tell you where they will go.

Template Pictures

Step 6
Drill the back two holes using the position found in the step one above. Use a center punch to make the drill location so the bit wont slide. Like I said make sure you use the correct silver dollar indentations, as I remember those are the only marks that you can see back there. Once you ensure that’s right, drill them from the VERY center of the silver dollar indentations. Use a drill bit a little bit bigger to ensure the metal bolts on the scoop from binding up. Test fit and make sure the bolts on the scoop slide through.

You can see the back two holes drilled here

Step 7
Take the template and sit it on the hood after making sure all the holes are punched through fully. Use some nails or something to slide in the back two holes that you have drilled. Tape down the template so its flat. Sit the scoop on the hood and make sure it still lines up with all the holes and that it is centered on the hood so its correctly placed.

Step 8
Drill the side holes and such test fitting as you go. Continue drilling leaving the front three bolts for last. The angled funny bolts on the front are the WORST of this all. Use a center punch to mark the holes so the drill wont slide, be very careful here… don’t let it slide and scratch the paint!

Hood scoop bolts for reference

Step 9
Those angle bolts use a little though to see how the scoop will fall down and where the base off those will be. Mark them then remove the scoop and drill. All is not lost if you have to widen the hole. Just do your best here to get them right. It may be hard to see if the bolts are binding here. Basically, if the scoop is not sitting flush at the front its probably due to these angle bolts are binding.

Front center bolt

Angled bolts

Step 10
After you drill all the holes test fit the scoop, if it doesn’t sit flush the bolts are binding somewhere. You can make the holes a little bigger as needed. You will use a washer and nut so it can be bigger than the bolt hole without issue.

Flat fitting is the key

Step 11
The scoop should have some weather stripping around the scoop to keep water out, if not you can add some if you want.

Step 12
Put the scoop on once happy with fitment. Put a washer and nut on it. Go to some hardware store or something and get a set of washers and nuts and some thread lock. Put a little thread lock on the threads, not much. Tighten down snug, dont over tighten just nice and snug.

That is it. Put the under hood lining back on after cleaning up the dust. When you drill the holes on top of the hood as you about get thought he hood drilling make sure the drill doesn’t fall though and puncture something, be ready to catch it.

The final product!

So what are you waiting for? Get to modding!


  1. Djreibert2 says:

    what are the specs if i have a 1999-2000 hood that isnt pre marked for holes?

  2. Kitsunechild says:

    Please post up the specs for the ’99 – ’00 Hoods! I have my GT scoop ready for install with a ’00 hood. Please post it!

  3. Fran Nesbit says:

    Ditto to what’s below

  4. Fran Nesbit says:

    I’m petty savy so I can probably figure this out, but do you have the specs for a 2000 ood, none punched

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