How To Properly Store Your Mustang During Winter

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Few vehicles are as eye-catching as a Ford Mustang. While the auto industry may be suffering, the Ford Mustang has continued to be a consumer favorite. While it’s the one sports car that has not seen down-time for updates over the years, it has still undergone a lot of changes.

The first generation Mustangs, 1964-1973, are still just as popular. They are the original pony cars, featuring long hoods and short rear decks. Many of them, especially the classics, are convertibles, and each generation has rivaled the Chevrolet Camaro.
One of the biggest contributors to preserving a classic Mustang is properly storing it through the winter in cold climates. Not only will it add to the life of your car, it will help prevent problems that may occur when sitting through the winter.

To properly store a Mustang for the winter, consider following these steps:

  • Change, fill, and flush. Start out by getting an oil change. Then, make sure the gas tank is full. Next, you will need to flush out the brake fluid and replace it with new. Also, make sure that the cooling system has the proper amount of antifreeze.
  • Clean inside and out. You should make sure that the car is completely cleaned inside and out. Give it a good wash and wax on the outside and on the inside, vacuum and detail.
  • Remove and store. The battery will need to be removed while the vehicle is being stored. After removing it, clean and store it in a safe place, preferably at room temperature and on cardboard. (J-do you think you should say why the cardboard and not, say, plastic?)
  • Avoid smells and more. If you don’t take steps to address odor or critter issues, in the spring you could open up your vehicle and find a host of problems. To keep out critters, add some moth balls and to combat odors include a couple of open boxes of baking soda.
  • Before covering. You will want to get a nice protective cloth cover, but before putting it on, make sure you have completed all steps and put the roof up if it’s a convertible. You may also want to place some cardboard under the transmission area to catch any leaks.
  • Other considerations. Some people also opt to remove the wheels and tires, or even jack the vehicle up off the ground. If you remove the wheels and tires it is important to make sure they are properly stored for optimal preservation.

The most important step is to confirm that you are properly covered with car insurance. You may think you only need it for car accidents, but stored classic cars need it, too. While it’s being stored it is still susceptible to vandalism, theft, or even an act of nature. Let the insurance company know you are storing for the winter and there will be no driving, which help you get a cheap car insurance rate.


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