Tweeter Install For 1994-2004 Mustang

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For those of you that want the Mach 460 Door tweeters but can’t find the speakers here is a way to make your own and I personally think this looks better and the sound of my JL’s are great.

Time: About 1.5 hrs

Tools Needed:
Philips head screwdriver
Flathead screwdriver
Electrical tape
Wire cutters, razorblade, scissors, teeth, whatever you find easiest.
Wire splicing connectors if you want. Not a necessity.
Something to cut a clean hole into hard plastic.

Get a good set of tweeters that have a resister on it that will only let high frequencies play through it so you don’t blow them. Normally cost around $50 for a decent set. I used JL Audio and I found mine on Amazon.

Remove the plastic inserts.
Then use a Dremel or some means to cut the appropriate size hole or if you have surface mounts cut a hole just big enough to fit the wire through. [TIP: start small to large when cutting the hole]

Remove the door panel
You can disconnect the hot wire on the battery if you’re worried but I didn’t.First, remove the door lock knobs. Manual windows; pop off the handle with a flat head screw driver.
Electronic windows and locks; pull the whole thing out using your finger you should be able to pull it out by the indention on the top of it. If not use a flat head just be careful because it is plastic and it will break.

Once you’ve pulled it out use a philips head and unscrew the two screws holding it in place and set the panel to the side.

Then remove the panel around the door handle by pressing it from the back.

There are two more screws holding the panel door on you must remove with a philips screw driver.

Now on the front/bottom of the door there is a plastic snap screw. Use a flat head and be patient as to not break it, if you do an auto parts store should have one. Once you can grip it pull it out with your fingers.

Now pull UP AND OUT on the door panel, it should come out. You may have to wiggle it a bit. Then set it to the side. [Note: You do not need to pull out the rain guard because it will more than likely tear]
You can route the wire however you want. I chose to run it along the electric mirror wires.

Now unbolt your 5×7 door speaker. [TIP: be easy unbolting it. If you get into a rush you may slip and stab through your speaker]

Splice your tweeter wire into the door speaker however you choose. They have connecters made for this or if you are good with a razor you can shave it down, twist the wires and electrical tape it. Either way electrical tape is a good idea to wrap around it to keep out debris. [TIP: test the tweeter before you go through the trouble to put the door back on just to have to remove it]

I found it easier to pop the panel back into place before putting the door panel back on, your choice.
Now just reverse everything and then do the same for the other door.


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