1985 Predator Mustang

The 1985 models has the same equipment as the 84 models, but a new wheel was added to remind one of the magnum 500 wheel. It was a 4 spoke Enki Wheel. The R-Models were continued and came standard with a fiber glass hood, under drive pulleys, LeMans stripes, 140 MPH speedometer, a side stripe that said “G.T. 302 R” and 3:73 or 4:10 axle ratios. Other SVO or Motor-Sport parts could be ordered with the car such as Cam,
harness seat belts, etc., which was installed only after the car was titled. Some dealers offered an American Racing wheel and a BBS type wheel, also a Walnut 3 spoke steering wheel was a Dealer option. There were 135 1985 models built.

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Posted by on December 10, 2006