2004 Ford Mustang Cobra

The 2004 Cobra received the 4.6L DOHC as it had before, but with one major difference. This one had a roots supercharger strapped to the top of it. The blower only pushed 8psi and still managed to produce a very under rated 390HP and 390TQ. The Cobras interior was very nice with the seats pretty much the same as it had in 2001 an a boost gauge was added to the factory gauge cluster for the Cobra. The exterior received a new front bumper and a heat extracting hood.

The side skirts were similar to the Bullits, but not quite as smooth and with out the mud flap design, the rear bumper was altered and larger exhaust tips were used. The final addition to the exterior of the 04 was a small rear spoiler that resembles a duck tail spoiler that included a LED third brake light. Other than the new motor the Cobra was included with Bilstien shocks and struts, new A-Arms, new quicker ratio steering rack, 13 inch Cobra brakes, independent rear suspension, and T-56 six speed transmission.

A 10th anniversary package was available for the Cobra this year, it included red brakes with the Cobra logo on them, red inserts into the middle of the seats, new steering wheel, new leather shifter boot, different shifter knob, different emergency brake boot, red painted door panel inserts, and other such items.

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Posted by on August 15, 2006