Photos: 1966 Ford Mustang Stretch Limo For Sale

Posted by on July 15, 2013 - zero

There are many special occasions where a limo would be perfect transportation such as prom or maybe your wedding day. When it comes to renting a limo, the point is to ride in style, right?

This may be the perfect combination of limo and style but may have a few hardcore traditionalists shaking their heads by the chopping of a classic Mustang. This 1966 Ford Mustang has been stretched into a limo and it’s for sale.

Some people may think this is too far fetched, or stretched, for a classic Mustang, even for fans of restomods. However, some might think this thing is pretty sweet. It would definitely turn some heads on your special occasion. While this probably won’t make any fast times at the track, it was meant as a luxury cruiser.

This classic Stang is offered by Specialty Sales Classics from Redwood City, California. Besides being stretched out to the max, this car is in stock condition besides the interior, and supposedly still rocks the 4.7-liter V8 engine and automatic transmission. With the doors open and the black top, it almost seems to resemble a hearse and not a limo.

It has about 70k on the odometer and comes with a Buy It Now Price of $49,990. Would you pay that much for this limo? Or would you opt for a two-door classic?

Check out more photos of this old-school limo here. Let us know how you feel about this classic chopped up and made to transport prom or wedding guests to their respective venues.

Source: eBay