1970 Boss 429 Hitting Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas

Posted by on September 5, 2012 - zero

This particular car graces most Mustang lover’s dream car list and most likely near the top. That would be the old school 1970 Boss 429.

Only 1,359 of these bad boys were produced for the models years 1969-1970 not making them your average pony. That rare occasion where you actually see one, you might as well gander over it a little bit because you probably won’t see one again for some time, well, unless you’re the owner. In that case, it usually only comes out on a weekend where precipitation is scarce and then tucked back into bed before dark strikes.

If you want to be that owner, here’s your chance to get your hands on a yellow 1970 Boss 429. Where? Las Vegas, at one of the biggest car auctions there is, Barrett-Jackson. That means you’ll likely spend more than it’s worth but, hey, it’s a Boss 429. You go big or you go home.

Needing something bigger and “badder” for the Nascar Grand National series, Ford brought out the Boss 429 which really didn’t take off quite as fast as they would have thought. Maybe being before its time, the Boss was capable of 375 bhp, although we know others can make it quite a beast boosting numbers up into 500+ hp. The whole front suspension had to be redesigned by Kar Kraft just to fit the monster of a V8 inside the engine bay. We’re talking aluminum heads, forged crank, and hemispherical combustion chambers.

However, these have been on the hot block for quite some time fetching thousands upon thousands of dollars for mint ones. This is the old Grabber Orange that will really demand some attention with its loud paint job. Can’t wait to see how much this baby goes for in Vegas! Happy bidding.

Las Vegas Barrett-Jackson Date: Sept. 20th – 22nd 2012

Source: [RoadandTrack Blog