2009 Mustang 45th Anniversary Badge Revealed

Posted by on May 15, 2008 - more

The 2009 year will mark 45 years of uninterrupted (sorry couldn’t help it) production of the Ford Mustang and what other way to celebrate than a fancy new badge. The 2009 badge will appear only on the base model Ford Mustangs and be about 4 inches in height and width. The badges are rumored to made of lighter material in an effort to save weight on the already bloated 05+ Mustangs. Ok, I made that up. Check out the larger version after the fold.

Update: Jalopnik has come across pictures of the Badge in action on a 2009 Glass Roof Mustang.

Source: TheMustangSource


  1. crazeflier07 says:

    Looks pretty cool. I like it. Too bad my car isn’t a 45th anniversary edition though.

  2. mustanggt says:

    I love it, except that the pony is running the wrong way. The original pony was deliberatly designed to run the other way.

  3. duba77040 says:

    so are they ’10 gunna have a body change?

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