2013 Ford Mustang LCD Gauge Apps

Posted by on October 6, 2011 - zero

If there was any questions about Ford’s performance image for the Mustang of the future, I believe they have been answered with the news of the 2013 Ford Mustang LCD Gauage Apps. Apparently part of a dealer training tool, the photos on the poster are out there now which show the new center gauge cluster information available on the upcoming 2013 Mustang refresh.

With specific information such as air/fuel ratios, 1/4 mile times, running cylinder head temps, inlet air temps, boost/vac (obviously for boosted engines like the GT500) the indication is that Ford is catering to the performance enthusiast Mustang buyer.

The Accelerator App with Automatic or Countdown Start are part of the Track Apps and are listed as Track Use Only. Rumors have indicated that the 2013 Boss 302 would be receiving more tech, and this App looks like just what the doctor ordered. Is it a replacement for the now infamous TracKey? We will know more at the LA Auto Show in November when the 2013 Mustang refresh is introduced.

There are a number of aftermarket hand held units that will give you all kinds of vehicle diagnostics and lap times and so forth. But the very fact that Ford is including this as an in-car info system goes a long ways to show that Ford is committed to maintaining the performance image of the Mustang.

Stay tuned for more news as it leaks out. And, stay thirsty my friends. Stay thirsty.

As reported by Shane McGlaun over at Stangtv.com.