2014 Ford Mustang Pricing Released

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Ford Mustangs sure have gone up in price since 1964, right? From a little over $2k not including the tax, tag, and title fees, and now they cost over $20k for a base model. There’s a lot of modern technology that goes into even base model cars that wasn’t available back in the good old days. It’s a different world now with all of the gadgets for modern vehicles.

Vehicles have progressed entirely throughout generations. Just check out the entire Mustang generation from 1964 all the way up to the newest model sitting on your local dealership lot this very second.

Pricing has been released for the 2014 model year. If you’re looking to buy a new GT or Shelby GT500, be prepared to throw down $500 extra dollars from last year’s model. Go big or go home if you’re going to splurge on V8 models, right? I mean if you’re looking at a fully loaded GT500, I don’t think you’re going to worry about an extra $500 out of your pocket.

The base model Mustang V6 is holding it down at $22,995, which is the best bang for your buck right now considering much like the 2013, it will get over 30 miles per gallon and 300+ horses. And it really is a bargain. Competition runs about the same price everywhere. It’s price you pay for modern technology and living in the world today.

Mustang V6 Base: $22,995
Mustang V6 Premium: $26,995
Mustang GT: $31,545 (from $31,095)
Mustang GT Premium: $35,495 (from $35095)
Mustang Shelby GT500 (base model): $55,445
Mustang Shelby GT500 fully loaded: $58,940

Are you looking forward to the 2014 model Mustang?

Source: [StangTV]
Photo: Amie Williams