3 Reasons The Mustang Has Nothing To Fear From The Camaro

Posted by on December 6, 2010 - one

I am sure many have heard by now that the Camaro is on track to beat the Mustang in sales for 2010. I am here to tell you, as a Ford Mustang enthusiast, why this trend will not last long.

  1. Enthusiasts: Everyone of you are the reason the Mustang has nothing to fear long term. The Mustang community is massive. There are over 200 Mustang clubs listed on Mustang.org that celebrate the history, uninterrupted history I might add, of the Ford Mustang.
  2. Ford: Alan Mulally has done everything right in the few years he has been in charge of Ford Motor Company. Ford’s quality has made a drastic turn around, as you can see in the new Mustangs, and the company has returned to profit for the first time in years, a testament to Ford using technology and good business decisions to keep Ford competitive in not only North America but overseas as well. Ford is also, for instance, a big driving force behind the new South Korea Trade Pact, which will allow Ford to better compete in their automotive market. Ford also has one of the most amazing social media teams around, headed by Scott Monty. If you have a question or concern regarding your Ford Mustang, all you have to do is send him a message via his Twitter account and he will get back to you. How he manages to organize all the request he gets is beyond me, but he has never failed to answer a question I have had and he does it with amazing speed. Ford also has TheFordStory, which is the hub for Ford social media.
  3. Choice: When it comes to a Ford Mustang you can pretty much get any flavor you want and people like that. Hell, since Steve Saleen left Saleen Performance Vehicles and started SMS Supercars, you can have an actual 2011 Mustang Steve Saleen designed car via SMS Supercars or you can have a car that has the Saleen name on it, of which he is no longer associated with. Then you throw in ROUSH and Steeda, along with the straight from Ford selections like the Boss Mustang, and you have a plethora of choices to meet your taste when it comes time to buy your Mustang.

As for me, I am happy to see the Camaro back in action. Having competition is a good thing. I just don’t see the new Camaro as something we Mustang enthusiasts have to worry about.

  • Jared Amos

    Great points also if you look at the the base mustangs like the V6 Mustang and the Mustang GT they both got a lot of horsepower after 2004 the Mustang Gt gained about 40 hp in 1 year that is a serious boost in performance and now the 2011 Mustang Gt is a 5.0 Liter V8 pushing about 412 Hp thats almost a 100 HP gain from the 2010 Mustang Gt so you dont just have to get the Roush Or Saleen to get some serious horsepower which will probably satisfy a heck of a lot of mustang fans plus it will most likely boost sales a lot.