Best Gifts For Mustang Enthusists

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In only a few hours, we will be enjoying a feast of turkey, dressing and some pie. Oh and to mention some great college football.  For some this marks a busy time of year, the dreaded “holiday shopping;” crowded malls, monster traffic jams, overzealous sales employees, to name a few, need I say more?  The blog staff here at Mustang Evolution, wants to be sure you know what to get that Mustang enthusiast on your list. That is why we created the first ever holiday gift guide for the Mustang enthusiast.  Possible gift items are sorted by price and the links are provided for each item as well.

0 to $59.99
Mustang Key Chains 5 to $15 – Ford e-bay store.

Ever in need of a belt buckle, or like them?  Why not have Mustang belt buckles? There are 5 options to choose form. Belt Buckle at Ford e-bay store.

A tire gauge is something no one should be without.  Instead of having a boring plain old tire gauge, why not spruce things up with a Mustang Tire Gauge. This can be found at American Muscle for 19.99   Mustang Tire Pressure gauge.

A Shorty Antenna from American Muscle is a great gift for any Mustang lover. It adds a one of kind appearance to the car and is easy to install. They are about $20 and you can choose from 8inches or 14inches.   Shorty Antenna

For only $28 a Classic Mustang pony tri-bar wall clock, makes a great gift for any Mustang aficionado.  They are made by the Taxor watch company and approved by Ford. The clocks have a quartz hand for the utmost precision in time keeping.   Check it out at Auto Anything –clocks are officially licensed by Ford.

The Mustang Dynasty by John Clor is a great book and a must have for any Mustang enthusiast. John Clor is a veteran automotive journalist and mustang enthusiast.  He currently works for Ford at the Special Vehicle Team (SVT) division. Clor published the Mustang Dynasty in 2007 and it sold out within days of hitting the market. For further information and to find out where to purchase the book visit The Mustang Dynasty’s website.

Is that Mustang enthusiast on your list always on the computer? If so why not get him/ her a custom mouse. I’m not talking about the little mouse with 4 legs. I am talking about a mouse for the computer. That’s right your enthusiast can sit on the computer and use their mustang to scroll through, click on pages, and whatever else they may do with a computer mouse. These come in a variety of different colors and may be purchased at Ford’s e-bay store and at The Road Mice Companies website.

Cleaning supplies make great gifts for any car enthusiast.  Some supplies that our Forum members like include Maguire’s, Zanio, and Armor All, to name a few.  If you really want to make the enthusiast on your list happy, spend some time trying to find out what products they may use. After you find out what they use, do a quick internet search to find out where those items can be purchased.  The average cost for a gift pack is around $50, however, you could pay anywhere from $10 to over $100 depending on what comes with the pack.

$60.00 and Above

A full vehicle cover makes a great gift for any car enthusiast. There are a wide Varity of them out there. Some of the best offer protection from hail, rain, acid rain, snow, sleet and ice.  Covers come in a variety of different types.  Car covers can be found at a variety of different places such as American Muscle, the Ford accessory store and other online retailers. Average price: $100. American Muscle vehicle cover. Or at the Ford Accessory store Ford Accessory Store online

Caliper Covers add a very unique look to a Mustang. The caliper covers come in a variety of different colors and can be purchased from American Muscle and at the Ford e-bay Store- Caliper Covers Average cost about $100 for 2-4 covers per kit.

One gift no Mustang lover should be without is a pool table, especially one that is designed like the 1965 Mustang. You may have seen this in one of our other blog posts, but this is just too good to be left out of our guide. Anyone looking to make that Mustang enthusiast drop to the floor in excitement must consider this pool table! Available for purchase at The Ford e-bay store. Price: you may want to keep this information hidden from your spouse.

Happy Holidays!


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