5 Mustang Stories To Look For In 2009

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Ford EcoBoost Technology

The year 2008 was an up and down year for Ford Mustang enthusiasts. With sales of the Ford Mustang dipping due to lower production numbers, high gas prices and a nasty recession it was good to have things such as the 2010 Mustang reveal to brighten up our mood and give us something to look forward to. With that, here are 5 Mustang news items we expect to see in 2009, in no particular order.

2010 Shelby GT500 Reveal

Many expect this to be the announcement that Mark Fields hinted as being the ‘next chapter’ during the 2010 Mustang reveal. Some information has already leaked out along with some heavily camouflaged spy shots of it in the wild. (Photo via Jalopnik)

EcoBoost V6 Ford Mustang

Ford is really putting a lot of weight behind their new EcoBoost system and it has long been rumored that by at least 2012 we will see an EcoBoost powered Ford Mustang, either with a 4 cylinder or V6 engine. I just can’t imagine a small 4 cylinder engine back inside a Mustang so I have to believe it will be a V6 and I think we will get official information from Ford on this by the end of next year. Ecoboost results are impressive enough to give the V6 engine the fuel economy increase needed while providing an increase in power to keep the Mustang competitive with the V6 Camaro and Challenger.

Return of The 5.0 Engine

Our forums are full of comments regarding this topic. Many want to see something new powering the Mustang GT and a 5.0 engine seems like the only alternative that will make Mustang enthusiasts happy. It will be naturally aspirated and produce at least 375 horsepower. Anything less than that will be viewed as a let down in the Mustang community in my opinion. Especially if an EcoBoost V6 engine is introduced that produces over or at 300 horsepower.

Recession Dampens 2010 Mustang Sales

Mustang sales took a hard hit in 2008 and even with the 2010 Mustang going on sale next year I don’t see things getting much better. On top of that the uncertainty of the automotive industry will continue to hang over Ford, GMC and Chrysler through out the next few years. Even though they have gotten the bailout that just gives them enough money to survive until the Obama administration gains power. What happens after that is up in the air and the big three still have to come up with a way to make a profit. The bailout is no where near an end all to their problems.

Ford Mustang Outsells Camaro and Challenger

It’s good to see the competition back after their hiatus. We hope they stick around as it’s always good to have competitors to keep things fresh. I just don’t see the 2010 Camaro or Challenger outselling the Mustang. History will repeat itself. The Mustang is priced lower and has a much larger fan base than either of it’s competitors. The only thing the Challenger and Camaro have going for them is that their enthusiasts will be itching to buy a new version of their favorite car after years of being left out in the cold.

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