All Ford Vehicles Soon To Have Automatic Engine Shut-off

Posted by on December 28, 2010 - more
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Ford just announced that they are going to be adding an engine shut-off option to every single vehicle produced which is referred to as start-stop technology. When the vehicle comes to a complete stop, the engine will automatically shut off and as the driver applies pressure to the accelerator, it automatically restarts again.

Ford says that this will reduce gas by 4% and almost 10% for city vehicles that have frequent stop-go traffic.

Ford will most likely be setting the bar for automakers when it comes to gas efficiency for the future. Stricter laws for gas-economy are well on the way for 2016 which may require this become standard on all vehicles. It is another way to save gas just like the hybrid and electric cars.

Some vehicles are already using the smart-stop technology. The Ford Fusion hybrid and Ford Escape hybrids utilize it, as well as Ford cars sold in Europe.

“For the driver, Ford Auto Start-Stop provides extra fuel efficiency without inconvenience, as it works completely automatically,” said Barb Samardzich, Ford vice president of powertrain engineering. “And, just like in our hybrid vehicles, the heater and air conditioner work as normal so drivers will not sacrifice comfort.”

  • Tigga1369

    that is the most idiotic idea ford has ever done. besides the mustang 2

    • Brent Wilson

      I think that is a slight over reaction.

    • Anonymous

      That is definitely an overreaction! Haha. This isn’t going to be just for Ford. This will be in place for every automaker to save gas… and you can turn the option off, silly.

  • Edward Nifong

    IDK, if that becomes true, ford will be making a killing on selling starters, having to be started 10-30+ times a day.unless they come up with a different way of starting an engine.

  • guest

    Obama weenie mobiles have arrived! no thanks!

    • Brent Wilson

      It is optional so don’t worry, you won’t have to contribute to helping the U.S. use less oil :). I think this would be great for your typical V6 Mustang owner.

    • Anonymous

      It IS optional. And not only Ford will have to have this kind of system, but ALL automakers coming 2016 will have some system in place to save gas. You don’t have to be a “weenie”. You can turn the option off.

  • slosn8k

    I agree with Ed, sounds like a way to make more money to me..Obama and his treehungers can screw off!!

    • Anonymous

      It’s supposed to be a gas saver. You don’t have to use the option. The option is going to be required on all US cars coming 2016.

  • Wayland

    I wanna see a Mustang with EcoBoost.