American Muscle 2009 Mustang Give Away

Posted by on June 23, 2009 - one

Drawing crazed Mustang fans from across the Northeast, online Mustang parts retailer has partnered with Philadelphia-based radio station WYSP to give away a brand-new 2009 Ford Mustang. Yet another in a long line of unorthodox promotions, the Live In It To Win It contest challenges contestants to outlast their competitors by living in a Mustang until their three counterparts succumb to boredom, exhaustion and the overwhelming need to shower. Basically, he who is willing to smell the worst wins.

Currently screening a several hundred video applications from would-be Mustang owners, American Muscle and WYSP are searching for the four most committed contestants, all of whom should probably be committed to spend 24 hours a day for a week, or two, or more inside a car with three perfect strangers.

For those who don’t make the final four, make sure to check the American Muscle blog starting early next week as we’ll be streaming some choice videos highlighting the good, the bad, and the ugly as four Mustang fanatics duke it out over the original pony car in this sadistic social experiment. Listeners can also hear the live kickoff by tuning into WYSP’s Danny Bonaduce Show at 6:30am on June 22nd. There can only be one!

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  1. SpectorV says:

    Ha Ha, very interesting we should have daily blogs on the site about this with pictures, get to posting!

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