Show Your Support: Raising Money For Oklahoma Ford Mustang Family, Community

Posted by on June 14, 2013 - zero

Sometimes when Mother Nature decides to unleash her wrath, it can turn into a very scary situation. That’s what happened last month when one storm dropped down an EF5 tornado leveling the small town of Moore, Oklahoma just south of Oklahoma City. The devastation was simultaneously gracing television screens across the United States leaving everyone in disbelief.

While Americans prayed for Oklahoma, stories of uplift and survival poured out among the destruction. One of the stories involved a New Edge Mustang that was found wrapped around a tree with debris piled up everywhere. This Mustang belongs to Jack Haden and his expecting wife, Stephanie.

After digging their ‘Stang out of the debris, the pony proved to have some fight left and fired up. With the exterior in rough shape and three punctured tires, Jack and his friend did what many people would do in that situation, burn the rubber right off!

As it stood, the car wasn’t capable of safely driving around so after a few self-modifications and a makeshift convertible later, Jack and his friend swapped the trashed tires from a different Mustang and drove around their community surveying the damage. With a car that looks like it had a date with the crusher, they were putting smiles on the faces of people who needed it most. Proven to be Ford tough, the New Edge has been turned into an oversized golf kart.

The tight-knit Mustang community looks out for one another has decided to raise money to help the Haden’s and their community. Homes, cars, and most importantly, lives, were lost that day.

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