As A Redesign Approaches So Do The Erroneous Articles

Posted by on June 2, 2011 - more

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Since our site has existed we have been through a major redesign and a facelift of our beloved Ford Mustang. There has also been the return of the 5 Point Oh. All of these major events have been preceded with your typical ambiguous news articles or blog posts about what we will see with each respective milestone. Rumors and concepts. All of that nonsense. Some of it legitimate and most of it worthless.

As we get closer to 2014, the 50th anniversary of the Ford Mustang, we are going to get a lot of sites spit out some ridiculous articles. You are going to see a lot of “concept photos” that are nothing more than a pipe dream of a guy that knows his way around Photoshop.

It isn’t even 2012 yet. Summer just started. Will there be a Turbo Mustang? Sure seems like it. What engine will it have? Who the hell knows at this point. Ford probably does. Maybe. Just go back and figure out how long it took for the Mustang community to get real evidence that the 5.0 Mustang was back. Scratch that. Let us go back to 2006! MotorTrend swore up and down that the Boss Mustang was coming back in 2008.

With all that said, we might as well tackle what brought on this article. As much as it pains me to link to this article I feel like you deserve to read it in its entirety.

Well, our sources say that turbo four-cylinder power might be once again in the future plans for the ‘Stang.

Oh really? Just like Bill Ford said, 4 months ago? Helluva source you got there. After that sentence all you hear is theoretical nonsense. This engine is used here and could be used in the Mustang. Also Ford is testing this engine and it could be used too. They even throw in a bit about the V8 engines and how the 5.0 isn’t going anywhere but there could be a turbo V8. Its like a dream or something!

Just imagine, a 4 cylinder turbo Mustang, a 6 cylinder turbo Mustang, a five point oh v8 and then a turbo V8! 2014 guys. Just wait for it. Oh yea, we are suppose to be getting a completely redesigned lighter Mustang then as well. Hold on to your horses! Zing

Be careful what you read in the next two years because it is going to get crazy. Take a deep breath because, as we see above, it has already started. We trust you, as an enthusiast, can dream as big as we can can. We can’t wait to see the turbo come back to the Mustang. It is exciting. We are not going to pretend we know what configuration it will come in because, like we said, we doubt Ford even knows that for sure at this point. So be skeptical on everything you read because the last decade has proven sensationalism is alive and well. We want the next Mustang to be the best ever but we don’t want sensationalists to ruin what actual shows up to our dealerships. One step at a time, fellow Mustang enthusiasts!

  • John Bryans Fontaine

    I keep hoping that a Ford will make a full-fastback ( Sportsroof ) Mustang again. Maybe Ford could also bring back the Probe, using a modernized 2nd generation design, and call it the Prova.

    • Tommy

      please no probe

  • Ssweeney11

    Summer is not here yet!

    • Brent Wilson

      It is where I live

      • Dabberd


  • daniel

    body doesn’t look too bad, roof is horrible.

  • Bonecatcher

    how do you know everyyythinggg?