Automatic Transmissions Spark Recall For Mustang, F-150, And Others.

Posted by on May 11, 2012 - zero
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Ford has issued a recall on select models such as the 2012 Expedition F-150 (2011, and 2012), as well as the Lincoln Navigator (2012).  In addition the 2012-2013 Mustang is involved.

According to NHTSA, and Ford, the vehicles fail to comply with two federal safety standards, to be exact numbers 102, and 108, which deal with the shift lever sequence, starter interlock, and transmission braking effect. Number 108 deals with the reverse lamps. The culprit is believed to be an improperly calibrated Transmission Range Sensor.

So, what exactly does this all mean? Is my new Mustang going to crash, and burn? The short answer to that is no! However, several  safety issues arise, the first being that the transmission may not go into reverse, or if it does shift into reverse, a light on the dashboard may not illuminate (F-150,Expedition, and Navigator), center console on the Mustang.

The second issue, is that the back-up lights on these vehicles may not light up, which could cause numerous safety problems, as well, as put others in danger.

For example, say Jane doe was walking back to her car after a long a day of shopping, and Jon Smith, was backing out of his parking spot, but his reverse lights weren’t working. Splat! Jane runs right into Jon’s Mustang, and now she has to be rushed to the hospital for surgery.  This could have been avoided if Jon’s reverse lights were working. So, please don’t blow this recall off.

Now, what do I do? Ford will notify the affected owners by mail, most likely on, or about June 25, 2o12.  If your vehicle(s) are impacted by this recall, and you would like to contact Ford, you may call Customer relations at: 1-888-327-4236.  Once you have received the notice, you may contact your dealer, and setup an appointment to have the TRS inspected, or replaced free of charge.

Common sense says, if you are already experiencing these issues, contact your dealer, or Ford Customer Relation’s ASAP!

You may also contact NHTSA via the ” Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4263. Or visit them on the web at

Please if you do contact either, Ford, or NHTSA, make reference that Ford’s campaign number is 12C23.