Bangastang 2010 Mustang GT500 Build: Intro

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Ford Mustangs are perhaps the most modified vehicles on the market today. And while the Mustang is great right off the showroom floor, for the enthusiast, it is hard to leave well enough alone. Stock is great, but custom is better. For that, we can turn to companies like Bangastang.

But who is Bangastang and what exactly do they do? It all started when Hendrix Nowells was a little kid going to car shows with his Dad in Detroit. Even at a young age, Hendrix would look at the cars and see room for improvement. So naturally, with the products offered by Bangastang (some manufactured in house), there has to be a WOW factor, or why bother.

My (the author’s) wife says I make the worst comparisons, but here goes; If a Mustang was like a girl, it would be like a pretty girl who you look at and think, “she would be even prettier with a little make-up”. On the reverse side of that, if there is too much make-up, it can take away from the natural beauty.

You will see this principle at work with the products offered by Bangastang. If you were to add all of the cosmetic enhancements that Bangastang offers, at the end of the day, it would still be a Mustang. And that’s a good thing.

Just recently, after a customer told him that he had taken first place at a car show, Hendrix put out the call to see how other Mustang owners were doing at car shows with some of his products. The feedback he got was phenomenal. More than 15 trophies within a 6 month period thanks to dress-up products from Bangastang, including best of shows, best engine bay, and best Mustang.

Take a look at the “About Us” section from the Bangastang website. Hendrix says it so nicely:

Bangastang grew from a burning passion for America’s favorite Pony car, the Ford Mustang. In 1964 when the first Mustangs rolled off the Assembly line at the Ford Rouge plant outside of Detroit, men and women of all ages wanted one. That desire is still evident today, more than 40 years later, is here to fuel your desire.

My dad working at the Ford River Rouge plant was a big influence on me.  I firmly believe in making US made products and supporting our economy. No need to go elsewhere when we can give our folks jobs and keep the money here in the US. is an internet retail site and a Ford Mustang enthusiast Community that is dedicated to the Ford Mustang owner. We currently sell accessories for the 1999-2012 Mustangs.  When we started in October of 2008 we specialized in 2005-present S-197 Mustangs. we have recently expanded our product line and are even adding products for the 1964-1973 classic Mustangs.

Whether you own a V6, GT, Shelby, Bullitt, Saleen, Roush, modified or stock Mustang, has something for you. If you’re 80-years young and your GT500 is your daily driver or a 21-year old with a passion for the S197 Mustang, welcomes you. offers unique affordable accessories and valuable knowledge about the Ford Mustang world. We strive to bring you innovative quality products that are installation friendly, visually appealing, functional and affordable. is a small business with low overhead, consequently we’re able to offer our products at prices that are affordable. We want you to modify your ’05-’10 Mustang but we don’t want you to go broke doing it.

When Mustang Project Manager Hau Thai-Tang and his team of engineers designed the S197 Mustang they restored the retro look reminiscent of the 1960s Mustang. is here to cater to the needs of the S197 Mustang owners and enhance the retro look of the American’s favorite Pony car.

For many of us cars aren’t just a mode of transportation but a passion. At we hope you feel the passion that we share for the S197 Ford Mustang.

The name was a concept floating around in Hendrix’s mind, but it all came together when a kid at a car show looked at Hendrix’s Mustang and said, “That is a bangin’ ‘Stang”.

Bangastang has a growing number of happy customers and plans to continue that trend. From Bret’s 2008 Bullitt Project to the new 2010 GT500 build, Bangastang is quickly establishing a reputation as a top notch Mustang customizer.

What will follow is a weekly series following the Bangastang build of Dave’s 2010 Mustang GT500. To get some indepth insights into the build, check out Bangastang’s Blog. For now, check out the plan below as well as the first set of images in our gallery.

Last Wednesday, the car was delivered to us from Wyoming. We’ve got some big plans for the GT500. Here’s a partial list of the modifications we have scheduled:

  • Total repaint of GT500
  •  Painted stripes including rocker panels
  •  Carbon fiber parts……hood, roof cover, trunk lid and spoiler
  •  Custom airbrushing
  •  Suspension upgrades
  •  Engine Dress-up package
  •  Custom Dyno tune

Go check out Bangastang’s website to see what they can offer for your ride.

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    Nice, but they lost my interest when I went to their website and saw that they skipped from 1973 straight to 1999 models leaving out the Fox Bodies. :-(