Bangastang 2010 Mustang GT500 Build: Part II

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The masters over at Bangastang  waste no time when it comes to progress on a project. And Dave’s 2010 Mustang GT500 is no exception. Since our intro article and Part I of the Bangastang GT500 Build, there is lots more that Mr. Bangastang can tell us. And since he is so good with the words, I will let him tell it – straight from his Blog post.

But before we get to the story, let’s get updated on what has been done so far. As you will see in the gallery, the Mustang has been stripped and prepped for paint, the whole car has been painted with 4 coats of PPG paint and 4 coats of clear, the stripes have been painted on, and the airbrushing on the custom carbon fiber TruFiber Venom Hood is complete and hopefully soon we will have a custom rendering of the finished product to share from Danny Whitfield.

And now for the story according to Mr. Bangastang…

There are several elements that go into customizing car,  the first element is color selection.  Choosing the right colors for a car can be just as hard as picking the right color for your living room wall. There is a myriad of colors available in automotive paint.  When the Model T came out Henry Ford said “People can have the Model T in any color – so long as it’s black.”  Our project 2010 GT500 came to us in black with satin silver stripes,  I think Mr. Ford would approve of the color.

Our client’s GT500 was already a good looking machine he wanted to make it a show car with some stylish flair. One of the first things that we noticed was the red brake calipers, why not use red as your accent color.  Red is an attention getter and with the right combination we knew this Snake would get a lot of attention and for good reasons.

It’s easy to close your eyes and imagine what a finished car will look like but the best way is to have a rendering done, that’s when we contacted I contacted my friend and homeboy from Detroit Danny Whitfield.  Danny has been in the automotive design and art business for years and is one of the best. Danny and I talked at length about the Project GT500,  we discussed color schemes, graphics, accessories, metal finishes and carbon fiber.

From the very beginning of the project it was clear that carbon fiber would be a major player on the 2010 GT500.  We had some ideas up our sleeve but we needed something on paper to give us the green light and the rendering from Danny was the spark that ignited the fire.

One of the first things that caught our attention about our client’s car was his engine bay had red accessories….caps, hoses and coil covers.  That red just keeps popping up all over the place.  It was obvious that red would be our accent color on this Snake, red brake calipers and red engine accessories it was a no brainer that red would be our third color.

The carbon fiber Trufiber Venom Hood became a very important component of our GT500 makeover. Our client wanted a custom airbrush of a snake. Initially a silver snake with black highlights was chosen, but considering the colors of carbon fiber are black and dark grey, we wanted to add some pop and red flames turned out to be just the ticket.  The human eye is attracted to vibrant colors and we wanted to tie in the red engine components with some red true flames.

One of the things that I’ve noticed on many Mustangs at car shows is the lack of detail in the engine bay.  The outside of the car will attract you to it, but it’s the engine bay that will keep your attention. We’ve got well over 50 hours of rendering, design, layout and painting into the underside of the hood. Our intention from day one was to do a one off custom airbrush that was designed for our client – not a stenciled piece that had been repeated several times.

Continuity is a word that I use a great deal when it comes to customizing a car. Stay consistent, don’t mix chrome with polished.  If you start with black chrome, finish with it.  If you have stripes, let them continue the length of the car. Don’t break up the stripe with a tail light blackout panel or continue the stripe on the panel.  Let the car flow – don’t mix plaid with stripes.

We knew that we had to be consistent with the carbon fiber on the exterior of the GT500. Our client, Dave, and I both agreed that just putting a carbon fiber hood on the Snake would not be enough. Wearing a $500 pair of ostrich skin shoes with a $150 suit will not cut it. We needed a tailor made suit. We started with carbon fiber, we would finish with it.

Our carbon fiber grocery list grew to include a carbon fiber roof, trunk lid, rear spoiler, custom made front splitter, rocker.

When we customize a Mustang or GT500, we do just that – customize. We try to leave no stone unturned. We have one talented custom airbrush artist and we let him create a masterpiece that would bring the GT500 to life with some color and personality.  Here’s a short Youtube video with our Bangastang custom painter.

There are over 50 hours into the rendering, design, layout and painting of the Venom Hood.  Here’s a Youtube video of the hood after the first of several coats of clear.

Part III coming soon.

Mr. Bangastang