Better Order Your SVT Terminator ID Tags Before September 18th!

Posted by on September 15, 2011 - one

If you own an SVT Mustang Cobra, or Terminator as others call it, you are most certainly rockin’ one of the most badass stock Mustangs to come through the Ford production line. Already armed with a supercharger, this thing is show-ready from the get-go sporting the best wheels to come on a stock 03/04 Mustang.

Another awesome touch is a custom Terminator ID tag. A subtle way of saying “Hey, this bad boy is mine” with an ID made from 25 gauge brushed aluminum coated with bonded urethane.

According to this forum thread started by lowflyn, ME member and fellow Cobra owner, the ID tags will not be produced after 9/18. You can place your order here at CobraBob’s before it’s too late.

Engine bay Terminator ID’s have the VIN, Build Date, Build #, Model Year, and your name as the owner engraved on the aluminum brushed tag for display. Prop up the hood during a car show and have it right there for everyone to see while they are checking out the goodies under there.

Interior console ID tags are available as well and feature the Build Date, Build Number, and model year. Customize your interior and make it, well, yours.

If you don’t know your Build Number or Build Date, you can call SVT at 1-800-FORD-SVT. Give them your VIN and they can provide you with the information. There should be no charge for this info. However, if you need an actual Build Certificate there is a charge.

ID Tag order information MUST be emailed to [email protected]