Bill Ford Jr. Confirms Turbocharged Mustang

Posted by on February 16, 2011 - more

Confirmation of a new Mustang SVO? Yes! Ford loves the idea of turbocharged 4-cylinders, we know, but that hasn’t quite made it into our beloved pony-car, the Mustang. Ford has kept hush about whether the future holds a new SVO.

Ford chairman, Bill Ford Jr., spoke to an audience at Princeton last night and afterwards accepted questions. One of those questions came from one of Jalopnik’s readers, Michael, who asked if the Ecoboost line would include the Mustang. Bill answered yes, but didn’t spill any additional information. Most likely it will be the 3.5-liter V6, instead of the 2-liter four-cylinder.

Last time there was a factory turbocharged ‘Stang was back in 1984 when the SVO (Special Vehicle Operations) team released the Mustang SVO. Not for large engine displacement, but a four-cylinder turbo beast. It whipped out about 175 horses and had a functional hood scoop and a one-of-a-kind two-wing rear spoiler design.

Rumor has it that GM will be bringing the Camaro toward a turbo future as well. Bring it! The Battle of forced induction.

Of course, no names for it yet but as retro as Ford is, the SVO could be reborn.

Source: Jalopnik

  • Tommy

    I love it. If Ford’s new V6 makes 305 HP as it is now, imagine the power output with a turbo. 450-500 HP anyone?

  • Rookie_MIB

    Well, odds are they will drop in the 3.5L turbo from the Taurus SHO since the engineering is pretty much already done. All they have to do is fit it between the framerails. Still, the specs for the SHO are 365hp/350tq so it slots in VERY nicely between the 305hp V6 and the 410hp Coyote engine.

  • Silverstangboy

    I have to wonder where the desire is though, as cool as a turbo would be, the base v6 is already 300hp.

    • Brent Wilson

      But topped out on fuel efficiency.

  • Edward Irelan

    I highly doubt that it will be the SHO version of the 3.5L since it only has variable intake timing and not the Ti-VCT that the truck motor has. Also the 365hp/350tq is on premium only where the F150 version is 365hp/420tq on regular. And the resurrection of the SVO moniker is unlikely since Special Vehicle Team replace Special Vehicle Operations. And any fox body fanatic knows that the SVO continued into 1986 with the 1985 1/2 being the most rare and sought after. there was also the 1983 Turbo GT precursor to the SVO.