BOSS 302 On Debut Episode Of “World’s Fastest Car Show” Brought To You By Ebay

Posted by on September 26, 2011 - more

You know that auction website? I think it’s called eBay or something like that. It’s that site where people can purchase their dream cars online. Well, eBay has just launched their own show called “World’s Fastest Car Show” on their youtube channel and the first episode features a 2012 Ford Mustang BOSS 302.

This first episode is less than 8 minutes long, so check it out below as Justin Bell, host and former racer, takes the BOSS down Mulholland Drive in LA. He says it’s about finding the hidden racetracks within cities and of course, within speed.

Nothing like the BOSS 302 just roaring through the hills and a likeable host. At one point he talks about the “redundant” traction-control button being like a “teeny weeny bikini on Kim Kardashian – in the end the bikini is going to lose the battle” and he sure does know how to drive that BOSS. Awesome.

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  • Steven R Valline

    Is it just me or do we already have enough car shows hosted by metro sexuals with racing credentials?

    • Amie Williams

      Haha! I think the guy is likable! I’m a little tired of the Top Gear guys.

  • John Beavers

    There can never be too many car shows…

    • Steven R Valline

      You are probably right. Can we at least get some with real men with facial hair and not wearing skinny jeans? More Adam Carolla, less Tanner Faust. Hey – how about Vaughn Gittin Jr. hosting something?

  • Anonymous

    The fastest production Mustang ever??? Guess they aren’t much of Mustang fans. What happened to the GT500 being the fastest production Mustang ever??