Classic Ford Mustang Show Car Stolen

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Reports have confirmed that the Ford Mustang is one of the most stolen cars in the United States for one reason or another. Those statistics indicate the mid-year models mostly, not usually a classic. Although classic Mustangs are generally more expensive due to restoration or an original in mint shape. When you own a ’68 fully restored shiny black classic, it was likely a target car by those responsible. That’s what Nick Garrels thinks, owner of said classic. We couldn’t agree more.

Nick’s car had gone missing Friday night around 11:30 pm according to surveillance cameras in the underground parking lot in the Yaletown complex on Glenmore Road. The security footage shows three men ranging in ages 20 – 40 dressed in jeans and black hoodies.

“On the Wednesday before it got stolen the car cover on it was moved and sort of hung up on the bumper and I just figured somebody wanted to see what was under the cover,” says Garrels. “It sort of seems odd that someone would have a look at it Wednesday and it went missing on the Friday. It was a little coincidental.”

Garrels has owned this beautiful car for six years and has hardly ever seen rain, despite the rare occasion of getting caught up in it driving back from a car show. That’s what the car is for, car shows usually in Okanagan. Now that it is winter, the Stang sat parked with it’s bald summer tires.

Hopefully the vintage Mustang is returned soon and all in one piece. If anybody knows anything, call Kelowna RCMP or Crime Stoppers.

Source: [CastANet]

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