Conversion: Chevy Optera Turned ’67 Shelby GT500 Ford Mustang

Posted by on August 1, 2012 - zero

Conversions are quite common and usually turn out pretty interesting. When I say interesting, that can go either way in regards to good or bad. However, this one is just plain interesting. Bid Daddy Custom’s created this conversion consisting of a Chevy Optera mashed up with a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. Yep, the ’67 “Eleanor” version from Gone in 60 Seconds.

This Indian Chevy-Stang mash up used the “Reasonably Priced Car” from Top Gear and created this domestic concoction. The Optera is a family-like sedan consisting of four doors, well two of those doors were cut out to make it look like a ‘Stang fastback. Changes to the body are major, even the details to the mirrors and door handles have been changed. Lighting equipment is all old-school classic Mustang. Even the ‘Stang bumpers have been sized smaller to fit the Chevy sedan seamlessly.

Although a bit ridiculous, the work isn’t bad. It’s a bit off proportion which makes it fun to look at. It’s definitely original since a classic GT500 replica would be just, well, that. Props to the conversion into making your daily driver sedan into something a bit more fun, but it’s still rather odd. The enthusiast would probably take a gander into figuring out what is off about it.

The heart of the beast is likely the Chevy Optera stock parts. That means this bad ‘Stang has a 1.8-L packed under the hood with about 120 sick little horsies.

Can’t wait to see what conversion is in store for us next!

Source: [Jalopnik]