Could There Be A Shelby GTS Mustang Police Interceptor In The Future?

Posted by on July 21, 2012 - zero
2011 Ford Mustang V-6

It seems like crime has reached an all time high with criminals outsmarting even the most advanced technology. It may be time to retire those old Ford Crown Vics and replace them with something a little bit more sinister, something like a Shelby GTS. While some police have their Dodge Chargers, Chevy Impalas, and Ford Explorers, why not something that adds a little bit more intimidation.

We remember the Fox Body police days that ended years ago and Mustangs haven’t been used since, unless for undercover duty. These guys in El Paso, Texas have the right idea when it comes to a sweet patrol car. While some places have undercover Cobras and GTs, a full police car with all of the goodies just might place fear where it counts. A lot of pursuits are started with a Mustang in the first place, if they knew they’d be up against their match, they might as well just come out with hands waving in the air.

Here is a concept drawing found by MustangsDaily of such a police interceptor. If these Shelby police packages become the real deal, crime may drop with a quickness due to such a high-performance patrol car. First of all, the Shelby’s rock a V8 and if they really want to get there fast, install a supercharger. Why not bring the ‘Stang back into the force? Why not a Shelby? Supposedly Shelby has reached out to making a police edition Mustang, but no bites. Do you think it’s possible that the future could hold Shelby’s for future police officers? What do you think?

Source: [StangTV]