Craigslist: Neon Green “Ultra High Speed” 1987 Ford Mustang

Posted by on February 6, 2012 - zero

Here is one interesting old Fox Body Mustang that just may have you rubbing your eyes, whether it’s because your eyes hurt due to neon green brightness or because you’re in bitter disbelief. This craigslist ad comes from Philadelphia, also known as Mustang country by some, as American Muscle’s headquarters aren’t very far away. Maybe he could have stopped by for a little bit of help.

This is a lime, or neon, green 1987 FoxBody that has quite the modification list besides one hell of a paint color. The body is very aerodynamic, unlike a normal FoxBody. It’s supposedly made for “Ultra High Speed” and the wing in the back is to reduce drag. One thing, you need a motor and transmission first.

This guy is willing to sell the motor along with the car. The motor mentioned is a 620-HP 427 CI. The Mustang was supposedly designed by auto designer Harry Bradley. It definitely is unique. The seller is asking $24k for everything or $15k without.