16-Year Old Crashes Saleen Mustang Through Wall

Posted by on May 11, 2009 - more

I’ll start out with saying I should have never been driving when I was 16 years old. I was dumb and got myself in my fair share of trouble with my Mustang. Not quite this much trouble though. This 16 year old lost control of his Dad’s SN-95 Saleen Mustang and found himself soaring over a pool and into the living room of a neighbor. No one but him was hurt thankfully.

Source: OCRegister

  • http://www.mustangevolution.com/forum/users/2656/ SpectorV

    this is why no matter how much they beg you say NO to letting them drive lol

  • http://www.mustangevolution.com/forum/users/8329/ tigerfan2771

    damn and i thought i was the worst beginner driver. thats the one thing ive never done

  • http://www.mustangevolution.com/forum/users/8944/ SaleenFiend

    Although I totaled out a complete 99 Cobra Replica when I was 17 ATLEAST IT WASN’T my fault!

  • http://www.mustangevolution.com/forum/users/8944/ SaleenFiend

    Where is this at?

  • http://www.mustangevolution.com/forum/users/6840/ Y2E0L0L5OGWT

    Anyboby else notice the 8-ft high CMU wall that he went through BEFORE jumping the pool and crashing into the house?

  • http://www.mustangevolution.com/forum/users/7841/ Mustangfan2003

    I gotta admit that’s kinda cool he went over a pool

  • http://www.mustangevolution.com/forum/users/9578/ Ken Cheema

    What a MORON! if i was his dad id KILL HIM! at 16 you get a dodge neon boy! lol

  • http://www.mustangevolution.com/forum/users/10275/ echoinsilence

    how fast do you have to go to go through the wall and still make it over the pool? better yet how stupid do you have to be to maintain that speed straight into a wall

  • http://www.mustangevolution.com/forum/users/10480/ BaginDVS1

    looked like fun, i want to know how he cleared the pool? he had to be going fast to do that. i like the broken windows on the second floor.

  • http://www.mustangevolution.com/forum/users/8099/ rugedraw

    Looks like the house was pretty banged up even before he crashed into it. I feel sorry for the Saleen; not the driver or the house.

  • http://www.mustangevolution.com/forum/users/9614/ Ninethourpm

    Looks to me like him going through the wall is what banged up the house. You could just blame it on the wall tho. Chunks of the Wall went thru the windows not the car.

  • Dalton Berry-Steacy

    Wow that sucks that was a sweet car