EBay Find: One Retro-nized Fox Body Ford Mustang

Posted by on December 28, 2012 - zero

Oh, the possibilities! We’ve seen many Mustang concoctions, builds that have seriously left us shaking our heads and others making us want to set it on fire and watch it burn slowly. This one may be in between while we try and figure out why this thing is
listed for almost $10k on eBay!

Let’s see what this ’82 Fox Body GT has to offer. First, it has that stock 302 V8 stuffed in there under a fully functional hood scoop. Helping that V8 put down more power is and Edelbrock 4BBL complete with a nitrous system that has supposedly been used very gently. This acquired taste build has only 500 miles on the whole shebang and the unique design was inspired by “Cannonball Rally.”

The owner of this Foxy Ford decided to take it back to the classic days with retro cues everywhere and looks as if no nook and cranny has gone untouched. The photos show off a meticulous build, one that has been very detailed throughout while some things work better than others aesthetically. The tails resemble a classic ’70 Ford Mustang, and the front has also been transformed to resemble the same older generation with round headlamps, fog lights and tucked headlights.

Red and matte black set off the exterior adding a bit of contrast. The interior is just as clean and thought out topped with black and red leather bucket seats complete with race harnesses but the colors are everywhere throughout and not just accents here and there. However, a 4-point rollbar gives the car a little bit of macho points as well as the spare tire being mounted where the backseat used to be and an 8-gallon reserve fuel cell.

Fox Body Mustangs are everywhere and if you don’t like this setup, you can probably find another average one sitting out in someone’s front yard with a For Sale sign that may better suit your needs. So, is this worth the $9,500 that its listed for?

Source: [eBay via Jalopnik]