Ebay Find: Rare 2009 Roush P-51B, Only 12 Miles

Posted by on May 11, 2011 - zero

Here is a rare gem. Only 51 Roush P51’s were produced and this is lucky number 3. Not only is it a collectible in itself, there are only 11.7 actual miles on the Jack Roush signed odometer. The inside mocks that of an airplane cockpit, and it sports the Vapor colored paint with an Olive Drab Green stripe. Did I mention it packs 510-horses? This Mustang looks like it hasn’t performed an ounce of that power according to the mileage and there lies the possibility that it may never see it.

With still 13 days left, this Mustang has a nice price tag of $98k. To some, this is more than just a Roush Ford Mustang, but a little piece of history that has been recreated. These particular Roush P51 Mustang models were created in tribute to World War II and the North American P-51 aircrafts, or “warbirds”.

Check out the seller’s photos below:

Source: [eBay]