Exclusive: Jamie Allison 2012 SEMA Interview

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If you had the chance to interview a Ford Executive, which one would you choose? Anyone in a non-automotive related job that truly loves cars has a pretty strong envy for the dudes who have made it to the top of the car world – to a position where their opinions matter as to what ends up on the streets of America and beyond. Personally, I look at the designers and engineers who mold, sculpt, and create the performance cars of the world.

But beyond these creative types, how about the movers and shakers who heavily influence the Performance and Racing side of a major car company? At Ford, Jamie Allison is That Guy. An engineer with Ford for over 20 years, on the creative and the management side of things, he took over managing Ford Racing in 2010. Before that, his handiwork can be seen in the Ford Racing Catalog and the many performance enhancements available for Ford Mustangs, Focus, Fiesta and even trucks. Oh, and if you have $85,000 lying around, you can order a Boss 302S, track ready race car.

My chance to interview Jamie Allison happened during the SEMA Show in Las Vegas this past November 2012. And while I did my best with what I had, my camera girl was busy somewhere else being awesome, so there is a real Cloverfield edge to my filming technique – totally intentional. Look out Matt Reeves, I am nipping at your heels.

Please enjoy the show. ME Exclusive Interview with Jamie Allison by Steven Valline

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