Exclusive: Kenny Brown SEMA Interview

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Kenny Brown is a Legend (with a capital L) in the Mustang community. Not only is he a renowned driver, Kenny has spent literally decades racing and engineering what could arguably be called one of the best suspension systems for Mustangs ever produced. What began with Steve Saleen 25 years ago has evolved into a full suspension solution for track and/or street.

According to Kenny Brown’s bio;

The seeds of what has turned out to be a brilliant career were sown way back in Philadelphia in 1962 when pictures of the original Mustang I first appeared in magazines. This was about the coolest thing Kenny had ever seen and vowed to have a Mustang someday. Those seeds started to germinate in 1964 when he changed his first set of sparkplugs in the family station wagon. A few years later watching his boyhood hero Jim Clark win the US Grand Prix at Watkins Glen, a career or at least the intent of a career was born.

Kenny was reunited with Mustang in 1986 when a little known west coast racecar driver by the name of Steve Saleen with a fledgling car company asked Kenny to make his Mustangs winners in the Escort Endurance Racing Series.

Kenny applied his many years of experience road racing, car building and tuning, and winning, to create the original race versions of the Saleen Mustang and manage the Saleen Race Team. With the fall of the checkered flag at the last race of the ’87 season at Sebring, Team Saleen walked away as Champions. The 1987 Kenny Brown prepared and managed Saleen Mustangs made a clean sweep in the Escort Endurance Series beating Porsche to capture the Drivers Championship, Team Championship, Manufactures Cup, and Tire Manufactures Championship.

And as they say, the rest is history. And while many articles have featured Kenny Brown and his Mustangs, we were fortunate enough to get a chance to have an on-camera interview with The Man at the 2011 SEMA show. It was a little like having cake and eating it too, or a free lunch, or an honest politician, something so wonderful that it just never happens.

By the way, if anyone recognizes the older gentleman who walked over cables and in front of 2 cameras during the interview, please tell him he is going to be YouTube famous.

If you have a classic Mustang, you won’t have to wait too long as Kenny is working a new Bolt-on suspension for 64-70 Mustangs featuring Kenny’s renowned AGS suspension geometry.  Look for this new suspension to break cover in the spring of 2012.  In the mean time, check out the 33 years of Mustangs that can currently benefit from Mr. Brown’s sweet sweet touch;

1979 ~1993 Mustangs
Chassis Support

1994 ~ 2004 Mustang Live Axle
Chassis Support

1999 ~ 2004 Cobra IRS
Full line of Chassis Support

2005 ~ 2012 Mustangs
Chassis Support

Check out the details of the Kenny Brown GT4 Suspension System in this press release.
PR Kenny Brown GT-4 Suspension rev 2.

2005 ~ 2009 4.6L 3 Valve Mustang BiTurbo System
Available spring 2012, delivering a super smooth 550 hp, it is the perfect complement to your Kenny Brown GT-4 Suspension system.

2011 + 5.0L Mustang BiTurbo System
The 5.0 Coyote will follow the 4.6 in the summer of 2012, delivering 650+ hp, with linear power delivery and minimal heat or weight penalty, Kenny’s system is designed to be run hard all day, even on hot days, and stay cool and reliable.

One of the best parts of adding Kenny’s BiTurbo power to your Mustang is it was designed by Kenny specifically for performance street or track use.  The road racing set-up puts the turbos low and behind the engine for quick spool up and low center of gravity.  The enormous custom built intercooler keeps the charged air cool and within range even when running it flat out on the track.

Want to own a piece of the Kenny Brown legacy? The famed CSR-69 Mustang track/street car is currently for sale through the Kenny Brown website for a reasonable $129,000 (considering it was well over $250k to build and it’s a One-of-One). Head on over to Kenny Brown’s website and check out all the cool Mustang photos and track event galleries, as well as sign up for email updates on products – www.kennybrown.com.

Photo credits go to Amie Lynn Williams, Frank Ross, and KennyBrown.com.