Father And Son Build Snow Mustang

Posted by on February 20, 2011 - more

Here’s one way to tell your parents what you want as a first car. Build it out of snow in the front yard! That’s what Tom Murphy did. This 16-year-old from Manteno, Illinois, definitely made his point after spending 16 hours building a Ford Mustang out of snow. His father eventually joined in and spent six hours carving out the seats and putting a snowman in the drivers seat of this obviously white Mustang convertible.

The family sent photos of their snow creation to Ford Motor Company in hopes that they would be rewarded a “Snow White” Mustang convertible. Good luck, Murphy fam!

Updated with more pictures below


  1. ron says:

    This is a few miles from my house in Kankakee. Drove by to check it out. Pretty cool.

  2. Istoppedurshot101 says:

    yes good way to make rich kids that dont have jobs even more richer give them a mustang

  3. Istoppedurshot101 says:

    that and i like to assume, and dont give me the ass out of u and me statement, i never do

  4. Jazzzydon says:

    I think this is very cool, and if he was a Rich Kid, he’d probably already have a real one….

  5. Istoppedurshot101 says:

    he’s 16 shouldnt have a car yet alredy cant even drive

  6. Anonymous says:

    I should build one out if sand.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Very cool idea and Jaz makes a point. If he were that rich, he probably would have already have one. Fake snow? I don’t think so.

  8. Mustangnick89 says:

    Shitty looking mustang

  9. Smkcougar says:

    I think it’s pretty sweet! With all the snow there is this year You could make a semi if you wanted too. I think it’s real. And rich or poor, he came up with the idea and went with it and it turned out looking pretty cool! There’s just always gotta be someone to put the other person down cause it wasn’t their idea or because it looks great……I mean really, what do you care? e

  10. I HATE TROLLS says:

    Are you serious Istoppedtherock101 and Istoppedurshot101? Why do you even care if they are rich or not? this is about a snow mustang from a young man’s vision. Get off the troll stick and if you have nothing nice to say dont say it! And so what if he’s sixteen and driving, just shows where his priorties are, he wants to be successful.

  11. Hay everyone this is really the tom who made the mustang. Over the chicago blizzard we got 2′ of snow and i didnt know what to do with it all! then i had an idea to make the best sports car out there… the “Ford Mustang” ive always loved this car! just recently since ive gotten my license ive become more and more attracted to them! I also do have a job and working really hard to save up for one! one last thing, thank you everyone who supports what i accomplished here… it really did take 16 hrs to build!
    Sincerely, Tom

  12. Tom Murphy says:

    This is the Tom Murphy, check out my facebook if u want!!! there are a ton of pics

  13. Frenchiechop says:

    WOW that is pretty cool i woulld never though of doing a mustang but best of luck on your search and savings

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