Ford Mustang + Chevy Corvette = The Musty Corstang

Posted by on July 11, 2012 - zero

Some people get an A for effort, but what about D for just plain dumb. I mean, the body work looks fine and I’d give this guy is a C for creativity, but it doesn’t go much further than that. First of all, who mixes GM and Ford body parts? Yes, GM and Ford engine swaps are completely common but mixing body parts is definitely not.

Here is a Mustang that has a few odd things going on. You’d think that this is a fifth-gen ‘Stang by looking at the front. Look a little closer and you’ll see that it is indeed a fourth-gen Mustang with a fifth-gen front end. This is where it gets even more sketchy. The rear end is from a Corvette! Isn’t that considered blasphemy?

We get that the Ford versus GM argument is strong between people everywhere but can’t we all agree to disagree? No need to sacrifice some poor pony with a modern hack job. Yes, we like to see things that might not be the ordinary, but to mesh up two Mustangs and a ‘Vette seems to be just completely random and confusing. I can only imagine the looks of someone pulling up behind the rear of the “Corvette” and seeing a running pony between the tail lights. Not only that, when they go to pass and see that the Corvette is sporting the front end of a Mustang.

Props to the guy for body work but those two, err, three cars belong to three different cars for a reason. Let’s not forget that it’s convertible. Some proud owner is completely rockin’ it.

Source: [StangTV] via [Autoholics]