Ford Mustang Rumored To Appear In 2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series

Posted by on January 29, 2011 - zero
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It was just over a year ago that NASCAR unveiled the Nationwide Ford Mustang that made an appearance in 4 Nationwide races this year. Now rumors from Ford have put a target on 2013 for the Ford Mustang to appear in the Sprint Cup series, the highest tier of NASCAR racing.

Should the Mustang appear in 2013 in the Sprint Cup Series it will not look like the current Nationwide series Mustang, which only sports a painted front fascia to mimic the Ford Mustang. The 2013 Sprint Cup series Mustang will be designed from the ground up and be specific to the Sprint Cup series.

“We like what’s going on in Nationwide—we really do,” Allison told Sporting News. “The more brand identity we have … and Mustang is the most identifiable brand we have in terms of racing and motorsports. So we’ve made it known that we’d like to see Mustang in NASCAR.

Dodge, Chevy and Toyota are also looking for new designs for 2013, with Chevy and Dodge rumored to be bringing the Camaro and Challenger to compete with the Mustang.

Source: SportingNews