Ford Mustang Top Dog In November 2012 Sales

Posted by on December 5, 2012 - zero
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November was a good month for the Ford Mustang considering it beat out the Chevy Camaro and the Dodge Challenger for muscle car of the month. Not only did the Mustang win this month, this makes it the sixth monthly victory in sales for the 2012 year. Awesome news for Ford Motor Company and for the Mustang fighting hard to be Detroit’s baddest out of the 3 muscle car competitors.

According to the numbers, the Mustang sold 5,309 while the Camaro sold 4,464 cars. The Challenger hasn’t been much of a healthy competitor in this year’s roundup with just 2,868 units sold. While the Mustang grasped onto November, we still have to see who will grasp onto the king title for the year.

While the Mustang is winning in months claimed for victory, the Camaro has an overall yearly sales lead with five months being victorious in sales. With one month to go and the finish line in sight, it is a strong possibility that the ‘Stang could pass the 1,096 units that the Camaro is leading with.The two competitive muscle cars are nose and nose for the 2012 yearly sales and it’s going to be a strong finish no matter what the outcome.

While it would be nice to finish first for 2012 sales, the Mustang is still up 37.4% in sales than this time last year in November of 2011. That’s a really big deal for Ford Motor Company. As I’m sure they care who wins the yearly sales battle, they can still be happy with the numbers they’ve been making this production year.

Source: [TorqueNews]