Ford Racing Announces 2014 Cobra Jet Ford Mustang Details!

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14 Cobra Jet 3

We all know the Cobra Jets are a beast thanks to the minds of Ford Racing and Jesse Kershaw. A few of the ’13 Cobra Jets launched down the sunny Florida drag strips recently at Bradenton’s NMRA and also at the Gator Nationals during Cobra Jet showdowns.

New colors aren’t the only new things, but don’t expect that SEMA concept twin turbo setup just yet. However, a new three-speed transmission and a new chute mount and SFI-approved housing were all added for the ’14 model year. This mean Mustang will feature the same 2.9-liter supercharger mated to the 5.0-liter Coyote engine.

Ford Racing also decided to add some new hues for the new year consisting of a “Gotta Have It” Green and a flat black that is not a Ford factory paint option along with other colors that were available for the ’13 model year.

It will be fitted with Recaro seats and a unique roll cage. The body is lighter for better weight distribution and to help with body roll. If you’re interested in one, especially in one of the new hues, you may want to look into it as soon as possible since only 50 units will be produced, fewer than the Camaro COPO at 69 units, and we know you’d rather race that Mustang Cobra Jet. For $97,990, you can get your new Cobra Jet with your choice of color and decal. That’s not all, you’ll have a turn-key collectible Mustang that launches like a beast. That Ford Racing suspension will have this baby handling like a charm.

Driving school with The Roy Hill Cobra Jet Experience comes with the Cobra Jet package and you can race in the Cobra Jet Showdown series as well as Stock and Super Stock classes where the car is quite the record holder.

With the newly redesigned ’15 Mustang getting everybody amped up, maybe then you can expect the Cobra Jet to sport insane turbo chargers as seen at the 2012 SEMA show.

Source: [MotorAuthority]

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