“Hardcore Pawn” On TruTV Lists Lee Iacocca Mustang For $175k

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American Jewelry and Loans, in The Motor City of Detroit, Michigan, is the subject of the television show Hardcore Pawn on TruTv. Iacocca Mustang number 11 out of 45 found its way to the shop. The couple who brought it up to the shop won it at a casino and decided to pawn it and walked away with $66,000 after negotiating back and forth. One of the readers at AutoBlog found that the Mustang is listed on their website for a whopping $175,000. What a beautiful car.

Here is the video of how the deal went down.


  1. Cobra95351 says:

    I just want to smack the both of them!!  What idiots!!

  2. Cobra95351 says:

    I just want to smack the both of them!!  What idiots!!

  3. richard says:

    hipocrits , they advised a customer that they were insulted because he tried to sale them a watch for twice what he had listed for on craigs list and yet they do the same thing. satan will give them money some day I PROMISE.  and that ashley girl that wears black every episode to cover up her fat is the rudest bitch on tv. she’s insecure and trys to defend herself by being RUDE to everyone . i can’t stand people like her 

  4. YouknowImright says:

    girls, girls….stop being such bitches!

  5. YouknowImright says:

    & richard sweetie,learn to spell.

  6. Amber says:

    This is why I can’t stand watching that show.  Les is the epitome of a Jewish pawnbroker.  He does this kind of stuff all the time, the sad thing is the idiots that let him do it.  Apparently those 2 were morons, I have seen them online sell up to $320,000.  Dumb asses.

  7. ENZO says:

    $109,000 is fair profit,Im sure we would all agree,after watching the show,I surmise
         the “GOLDS”are really hurtin for certain when comes to cash! Les is more! But,
       more what? 

  8. Dennis S says:

    Just got finished watching the show. What the hell were they thinking selling it for $66,000. Real idiots. I hate pawn shops. I see why they need security and all that bullet proof glass, because they are nothing but rip offs.

  9. brush2081 says:

     Dennis S. you are ” SPOT ON ” !

  10. D says:

    you gotta be kidding me what a bunch of dumb hicks

  11. The car is NOT $175,000 anymore, it is dropped down to $135,000 now. I work in Internet sales there, if interested Skype me at joseph.mosley.2012 or email at Lets_go_blues_41@yahoo.com

  12. You guys here forget that she won the car, meaning a 40% tax on the car for being a gift, so just taxes for them would have been $50,000 to keep the car

  13. rrioa6027 says:

    the gold’s from pawn stars are the reason Hitler wanted to exterminate all
    Jews. All they do is pray on the crack heads in Detroit knowing that the
    majority of the item they buy are stolen 

  14. Jim Green says:

    Unless you ALL know the WHOLE story, why would you run your mouth? if you hit 66k on a slot machine, would you be happy? I think you would!! we sat on that DEMON car for a year and a half and tried EVERYTHING under the sun to get rid of it!! Barret Jackson didn’t want anything to do with it, no hits/bids on ebay, we advertised it everywhere we could think of and even made a few phone calls, car collectors were only offering 50k…They(AJL) can afford to sit on it for as long as they want, we couldn’t afford to sit on it after my accident which left me unable to work ever again, but now all we have is monthly utilities to pay and we are SO HAPPY to be rid of the DEMON car, we really don’t care what anybody thinks!!! they won’t get $175k for it, but in the next month or so, you will see the episode where they sell it and I hope they got double for it!!  Every body has an opinion, but NONE of them matter, it wasn’t your car and you don’t know the trouble we had after we won it. we made an ADULT decision unlike the childish post here!   Joseph Mosley hit the nail on the head!!  I suppose the guy that hit the 337 million in the lottery and took a lump sum of 157 million is a moron too?  So unless what you’re talking about or the story behind it, you have no right to judge what a person does!!!!

    • Don Dressel says:

      Isnt it funny how everybody thinks they know everything when they do not know shit! I am sorry to hear about your misfortune and I wish you all the luck in the future!

  15. Grant says:

    To Jim Green – I find it amusing that you can’t ever work again….unless you are clinically dead from the neck down or physically cannot move, you can always work somewhere…what a cop out. I always love it too when people win something but then the scabs want to sell it and get top dollar for it. They won the friggin car and didn’t pay a cent for it yet they wanted $95,000 for it. They were on $89,950 new…..I agree too with you Amber. They screw everyone down playing on the fact that people are going there to get cash for whatever reason and they screw them down. It’s wrong. I’ve never seen nor look upon pawnshops as legitimate moral businesses.

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