Jacksonville Mustang Club At Jax International Auto & Truck Show

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Jax Auto & Truck Show 513

Nothing better than approaching a full herd of Ford Mustangs surrounding the courtyard of the Prime Osborn Convention Center during the Jacksonville International Auto & Truck show this past weekend. It was a welcoming sight to see many generations of Ford muscle gleaming in the Florida sun.

Classics in different colors perfectly lined up along the wall, and then some more mean modern muscle toward the back. The courtyard was crowded with many people hovering over these awesome machines. I heard one kid run up to his dad and yell “Dad, the GT500! You have to vote for the GT500!”

I ran into HOSS, a local mustang enthusiast who I met on a local Jacksonville mustang forum, www.mmjax.com and I had recently wrote an article about his highly modified Mustang when he made Auto Enthusiast. It was even more of a beast in person. I also met, Spawn, who is also a member of the local forum and I picked up a brochure to join the club.

Check out the local Jacksonville Mustang club. Very nice Mustangs and very friendly people. Jack, owner of HOSS, told me that the old GT500 “Eleanor” was built from scratch by its owner (who must have went to go check out the show inside).

I took plenty of photos:

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