Lethal Performance ’13 Shelby GT500 Mustang Runs 9’s In The Quarter Mile!

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Lethal Performance

The ’13 Shelby GT500 is no joke, especially with a few mods enhancing it’s already ridiculous amount of power. If you didn’t know, it already comes with 662-hp out of a supercharged 5.8-L V8.

The tuning company took their new Shelby to Palm Beach International Raceway hoping to get into the 9 second range and the wish was granted. Their ‘Stang ran 9.77 seconds at 148.8 miles per hour.

The first new GT500 to reach the 9’s was Evolution Performance with a 9.95 second quarter mile. Lethal Performance is now the new record holder for the fastest GT500 and their hushed about what exactly is done to their super beast. Evolution Performance didn’t want to mention their modifications either which is understandable in trying to be the best of the best.

While Evolution boasts that besides having a few basic bolt-ons, their new Shelby GT500 was powered just by the factory engine, supercharger, and stock 6-speed transmission connected to a stock clutch.

As mentioned, there’s no info in the video specifying what exactly is done to Lethal Performance’s new Shelby GT500, but in the video there are some names listed that might give a little insight into what could be done. Those “thanked” at the end of the video include the parties, Power By The Hour, UPR Products, Lund Racing, Wilson/Nitrous Pro Flow and Jeremy Martorella. Martorella is from UPR which makes GT500 aftermarket suspension products. He also could have been the man behind the wheel in the actual video posted here. If you didn’t know, Lund Racing is a super popular tuning company right now and have put gains of 50 horses with just tuning the cars alone. Another company mentioned, Power By The Hour, specializes in dynos and likely helped out with this outstanding run. Wilson/Nitrous Pro Flow seems a bit self explanatory as I’m sure helped boost some power with an intercooler spray system or nitrous setup.

Looks the bar is set high. Lethal Performance has quite a Shelby on their hands. We can’t wait to see what they bring to the table next.

Source: [TorqueNews]

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