Marti Auto Works Now Offering Reproduction Window Stickers

Posted by on August 10, 2011 - zero
Marti Auto Works  Ford Window Sticker

Marti Auto Works is proud to offer exact reproduction of the original window sticker that came on Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles. Every window sticker is painstakingly researched to provide the correct look and accuracy. This includes; correct paper weight, correct pin-punched holes, the correct terminology, listing order for options and correct dealer information. The Marti Auto Works research also accounts for any mid-year layout and pricing changes.

Because of Marti Auto Works unique relationship with Ford Motor Company, they are able to create every window sticker correctly. This means the correct fonts, correct ink soaked ribbons and correct reproduction forms. The verbiage is in proper Ford order with all options listed in the unique order designed by the Ford Motor Company.

“Many people we spoke with wish that they had the original window sticker for their Ford Motor Company vehicle to add that special touch at shows and events,” stated Kevin Marti, Marti Auto Works President. “Now enthusiasts can have the next best thing, our reproduction window sticker. There is not any guess work with our window stickers, they are exactly as originally produced by Ford.” Marti also noted, “These documents are produced under license with Ford Motor Company, your assurance of quality and accuracy.”

Marti Auto Works has provided the finest quality restoration products that meet or exceed original design specifications at auto supply prices including; Marti Reports, door data plates, belts, hoses, stripe kits, spark plug wires and battery cables as well as the new expanded 1979-1986 Marti Reports for over 28 years.

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