New Product: MGW Adds Short-Throw Shifter For 2010 Mustang

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2010 Mustang GT Stock Handle lr

MGW released today its short-throw shifter for the 2010 V6 and GT Mustangs. The new shifter includes all the previous features of its predecessors including a new patent pending feature that will allow you to adjust your shifter between a range of about 15 percent shorter than stock to 50 percent. This will allow customers to easily fine tune their short-throw shifter to fit their needs. The shifter sells for $260.00

Feature list:

  • Throw is adjustable between a range of about 15 percent shorter than stock to 50 percent.
  • Shift knob can be adjusted in rotational position to fit drivers’ personal comfort settings.
  • Shifter kit comes complete with sound and thermal deflection technology to maintain near original OEM sound levels and even better heat insulation.
  • Shifter has strong lateral spring load to eliminate the 3rd gear lockout issue with the remote shifter design of the S197 Mustang. Finally, you can powershift from 2nd to 3rd without hesitation.
  • Shifter assembly is complete with no component pieces from original OEM shifter resused.
  • Makes our shifter a littler pricier than the competition but for good reason. Some of the key included components not found on most other aftermarket shifters include:
    • Replacement transmission linkage bushings
    • Stainless steel bushings on both sides of front support
    • Lock washers included for all connecting brackets.
    • No noisy polyurethane bushings in our shifter
  • Shifter is available with your choice of shift knob shaft, one with the OEM 12 MM fine pitch threads and one with 12 MM coarse pitch for most aftermarket Mustang knobs. Be sure and check out our Extensive line of custom shift knobs!!!
  • Shifter assembly is completely machined from aircraft grade aluminum and all billet components are hard coat anodized for a lifetime of service. All steel components are aircraft grade stainless steel.
  • Shifter comes complete with video installation CD.

Source: MGW Ltd

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