More 2013 Mustang Pictures: California Special

Posted by on November 20, 2011 - more

Ford’s website now has a page for the future 2013 Mustang – advertised available Spring 2012. There are several pictures of the new 2013 Mustang GT California Special in Performance White, including some with the 2012 Brembo Brake Package wheels on the CS, as well as some pics with the new wheels as seen in spy pics.

Notice also the new stripe package for the CS, front grill and 5.0 badging on the front fender. Overall, it looks awesome in white. Just imagine the Recaro seats in Saddle leather on the interior…are you listening Ford?


  1. pablo caride says:

    I guess now we wait a couple of weeks for the 2015 to come out

  2. pablo caride says:

    Bought a new 2010 in July,not even worth HALF of what we paid for it now

  3. Dano says:

    so did FORD fix the 5.0 liter ticking issue for 2013? ( they issued a service bulletin on this already).
    a shame to spend all the money making it look meaner, and more HP, but if they still have not addressed this issue, it will only take our faith away from FORD in the future. Fix the tick, swap out that blasted ‘made in china’ 5 speed manual tranny, get the IRS out, then play with the ‘facial features’. . . who cares if it looks mean, if it ticks like a bitch.

    • Jay Turner says:

      Does your car have the so-called ticking issue or are you just regurgitating what you heard a few “biatches” online crying about?  Please!  Oh!  And that made in China manual tranny happens to be a 6-speed.  The way things are going right now, many more things will be made in China!  IRS would be a welcome addition, but Ford has been kicking competitor-ass in the handling department with that antiquated set-up… 

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