Mustang TV Show? Why Not!

Posted by on December 21, 2010 - one

If you have a TV and any form of service I am sure you are well aware of all the shows based around reality TV that are out there. On top of this are the shows dealing with building things or making things such as American Chopper, Hot Rod TV, American Hot Rod, and other such shows. Out of all of these shows there has yet to be a Mustang TV Show… and why not? The Ford Mustang is the most popular and successful american pony car out there so I feel it deserves a shot at its own series.

This is also how R&A Motorsports feels and they came up with American Pony Car Builders. Jeff Yergovich who is the sales manager will host the show and has been working and restoring Mustangs for 35 years. The show will go over all aspects of the Ford Mustang and should be a good entertaining and learning experience for those that watch it. Hopefully someone picks up this show and starts producing it soon. As long as they stick to what the viewers want rather than what companies that want to endorse on the show wants and while not sticking with only old Mustangs or new, but a mix of it all then they should do just fine.

American PonyBuilders HD Trailer


  • John Bryans Fontaine

    I would like to see a segment on how the Mustang is assembled at the AutoAlliance International Plant in Flat Rock, MI