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CarsByChris 1965 Fastback 2

What would the world be like without artists? I’ll tell ya what it would be like – boring and ugly. There are certain kinds of individuals that help get things made. The Visionary dreams up the idea. The Artist designs and illustrates the idea. The Engineer calculates the structure of the thing to make sure it will work as designed and then the Craftsman builds. Some people are great at one aspect and rare individuals excel at multiple things.

But the one key element that puts the sexy in the formula is the artist. Just try to imagine your favorite object completely aimed at function with no thought to form. In the car world, the Gumpert Apolo and the Pontiac Aztek were obviously cranked out while the artists were on vacation. And sometimes it is the other way around. But honestly, which would you keep long term in your dream garage? The hellaciously uncomfortable but beautiful Audi R8 GT or the comfortable but ugly Porsche Panamera? Yeah, we need artists. Honda Ridgeline, I am looking right at you.

But the point of this article is to introduce Chris of Based in Orange County, California, Chris uses his pens and markers and a ton of talent to crank out Mustang illustrations for customers the old fashioned way. There is nothing more organic and sensual than a hand drawn piece of artwork. The world has changed because of computers and PhotoShop, but a true artist can work in any medium and achieve magic.

Chris’s bio reads like this:

From an early age, Chris has been drawing all sorts of things…but it was cars that attracted him most. He always excelled in art classes in school and continued to draw through his completion of an art degree from CSU, Fullerton, in Orange County, CA.

Taking a cue from a movie line, “Find a need, fill a need”, Chris figured there were plenty of people in America who would love to have a concept illustration of their “in progress” project. They needed something to aspire to and help keep the energy up through the peaks and valleys of daunting projects. Taking his skills from college and mixing them with his background in film, Chris manages to transform simple white paper into inspirational automotive art.

Having a vintage ’67 Mustang himself, one that was purchased new by his mother, he knew muscle cars would be a good place to start. Street Rods and Customs were not far behind.

Chris hopes to branch out Cars By Chris into other automotive related products that will be available through his website in the near future.

As I write this, I am looking at a limited edition print of a Race Red 1965 Mustang Fastback with gunmetal grey Foose wheels. Yes, I am a customer and a fan. You should head over to his website and see if he can “fill a need” for you with a custom illustration of your in-progress or finished project.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Artistic talent, sadly I have none.
    Thankfully some people do.
    Chris sure does.

  2. Yes – I love the whole idea of hand drawn and inked original artwork you your own project car. Prices were very reasonable too.

  3. PATRICK HARE says:

    I had Chris do a picture of my car. It was OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!! Very talented for sure

  4. If you notice, in the black Mustang illustration, the highlights on the windows are more intense than the sheet metal, giving the paint a suede effect. So if you are going for a flat paint look  – Chris can do that for you.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thanks, Steven.
    Please note that the scan of the black Mustang does give a bluish tint to the paint. This is not the case in the original illustration.

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