Mustangs Illustrated: Interview With Automotive Artist Graham Durbridge

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You know those certain friends in your life that have a special skill that amazes you whenever you think of it? Well, Graham Durbridge can take your beloved car and turn it into a cartoon character with all the cool flavor you worked so hard to create in it. Whether it is a Hemi Cuda, a Mustang GT or a ’32 Roadster, Graham can turn a common photo into an exciting character that you would be proud to display on a t-shirt, FaceBook profile pic or where ever else you would want to show off your ride.

ME (Mustang Evolution): So where are you located?

Graham: Graham Durbridge, The Man, The Hobby Artist / CARtoonist can be contacted at the following web addresses; /

ME: How long have you been illustrating cars / Mustangs?

Graham: I first started cartooning at 5 years old. Even before I could write I was drawing Disney Characters and started drawing cars soon after. I had some bad luck a while back and stopped drawing for over 10 years. I recently picked the pen up again. Thanks to FaceBook for opening up a whole new world.

ME: Do you specialize in any specific range of years for Mustangs?

Graham: Always loved Mustangs, living in the UK I saw a poster for Gone in 60 Seconds, the original 1974, and was amazed by the Yellow Mustang. I was hooked and have drawn all Mustangs and Customs since.

ME: Do you work specifically on paper? Metal (painting on cars)? Digital?

Graham: I have always drawn onto paper. In the late ‘70s, as a young teenager, I airbrushed a few cars.

ME: What sets your artwork apart from other’s?

Graham: I would say my Wild style. I draw what my imagination brings in, usually drawing on the influence from the ‘60s and ‘70s T-Shirts and posters etc.. My illustrations are a throwback to the CARtoons of old. Recently some of my art was passed off as someone else’s. But in all of my drawings I make certain marks or “drawings” that I know are there and can spot a mile away. My artist friend David Carl Peters  does the same with his airbrush art.

ME: What methods/media do you use to create your illustrations?

Graham: I Pencil sketch first. Then Felt tips, color pencils and recently I started adding pastel chalks for the airbrush effect.

ME: What kind of turnaround time can you usually produce something in?

Graham: When in the “zone” I can create in 10 minutes – then find I move onto another piece – going back to the original usually within a couple of days depending on time and how busy I am at work.

ME: What or who inspires you and your art?

Graham:  Always has been Big Dave Deal (one of the CARS creators) Ed Roth, The Barris brothers, Hotwheels and more recently Ben DragDaddy, Scott Fisk, and Jeff DeGrandis.

ME: How big would you like your name to be in the art community?

Graham: I would just like my name being associated with art. It’s nice to know my name is known as an Artist and it makes me smile that people who see my art smile when they see it.

ME: Do you have your work available as prints? T-Shirts? Any other products?

Graham: Any of my art can be put onto a T-shirt or canvas via the website and they deal with a high quality service worldwide too.  All you have to do is Just contact me first and if there is something in particular you want, I create it and add it on the “shop list “ .

ME: What wins / trophies / accolades / celebrity clients / high profile users / magazine articles has your artwork garnered?

Graham: I have drawn illustrations for some celebrities in the car world. The great thing with art is it needs to be shared. So far, I have had 2 magazine features. But I only re-started drawing recently. So in the short space of time, I am proud of what I have achieved so far. One of my proudest moments is supplying the hand drawn trophies for the Outlaw Drag Racing series in the UK, as it is a big charity run organization. And now I have even donated my own trophy.

ME: What future projects do you have planned or ongoing that you can share with us?

Graham: I’ll always be creating as long as I can draw and as long as my imagination keeps working.

ME: Is there any artists that you would like to work with?

Graham: Jeff DeGrandis – he has an amazing talent with a very creative imagination.

ME: Contact information? E-mail addresses? Phone numbers? Whatever you feel comfortable sharing in the article.

Graham: Send me a message on FaceBook or straight to my email,

Thank you so very much, Graham, for taking the time to share your story and your art with Mustang Evolution.

Now dear readers, please take some time and view Graham’s illustrations in our gallery. If you find yourself needing a CARtoon of your ride, contact Graham.